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How did you tell your partner you were pregnant?

There’s nothing better than sharing the happy news that you’re going to have a baby with your partner. We asked readers how they revealed their pregnancies.

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How did you tell your partner you were pregnant?

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“My husband was quite sad that I took our first child’s pregnancy test while he was at work. With our second pregnancy, I took the test but left it in the bathroom without knowing the result. When it was time, he went in and got to tell me that we were expecting. It was super special.” —Kirstin P.

“I was diagnosed with a rare brain condition in early 2017. We put having children on the back burner as we tried for so long and it never happened. I took a test after talking with one of my co-workers telling her that I was really late. It showed up positive. We were also in a full-blown renovation of our home. The next day I went and bought a Baby on Board sign, a daddy shirt for the little one, a card, and the test. I wrapped it all up and brought it home from work. I told him that I bought him a special present because we had gone through so much and he had been working so hard on our house. He didn't even see it coming. I got it all on video and I am currently 36 weeks, waiting for baby to come!” —Kimberly P.

“I rolled up a little note with a cartoon of a sperm that said 'ONE MADE IT!' and put it inside of a hollowed-out egg shell and gave it to him on Easter.” —Sarah K.

“I had taken a test (or two) after hubby had gone to work. We had previously discussed that the hiking shoes I wanted were on sale and I should go pick them up. So I went and bought a pair of baby shoes and put them in the shoe box. When he got home, I told him I bought shoes, but not the ones I had planned on and to check out the shoe box on the counter. Inside the box was a pair of baby shoes, my positive pregnancy test and a note that said ‘only the best husbands get promoted to daddy.’” —Katelyn L. 

“I found out I was expecting on April 1, but because I was so excited, I forgot that meant it was April Fools Day. I called my husband at work and he thought I was making a joke because we had been trying for over two years. I had to tell him three times before he believed me!” —Anna B.

“In July of 2016, we had experienced a miscarriage at 14 weeks gestation and had issues into September with retained product before a D&C was performed. It was a rough couple of months mentally and physically for both of us, and by the time Christmas rolled around, we were focusing on spending it with our two-year-old and close family. I had suspected I was pregnant leading up to Christmas but wasn’t actually late until Christmas morning, so I decided that, if I was pregnant, it would be an amazing stocking stuffer for my husband. 4 a.m. on Christmas morning I am peeing on a test because I can’t handle not knowing for one more minute! In the moment, I thought this could either make my Christmas or break it. Thank goodness it made it! When my husband was opening his stocking, he did a double take and asked if I was serious. One memory I’ll never forget! We delivered a healthy, happy baby boy this past September!” —Alicia B. 

“With our first, we were renovating our house. The second bedroom was already painted pink when we bought the house, so we’d chosen another colour, painted, didn't like it and were deciding on another colour. He had just started prepping the walls when I came home with a blue and a pink paint chip. I told him that I had an idea of a paint colour and showed him my choices. He stared at me like I was crazy for a second, like why would we paint the room pink when it originally had been pink? Then he caught on. Needless to say, we ended up painting the room pink.” —Melissa E.


“We thought about trying to conceive, but my medical background made us skeptical it could even happen. My doctor finally sent me for blood work to see if I could, in fact, ovulate. I put the test off for months, and one day I went and did it on a whim. The next morning, at 8 a.m., my doc called me at work to tell me I was pregnant. I was SHOCKED. My coworkers knew immediately. It was such a surreal experience. I kept telling her that the test was only to see if I could ovulate, not to see if I was pregnant, and she kept laughing and congratulating me. So, with all that, I left work, stopped and picked up a present for my hunny: a card, and an ‘I love my Daddy’ picture frame, which was blank and said “coming soon.” He was so shocked and happy. Thankfully, all went well with the pregnancy and our lil’ man is almost 10 months old! —Jill W.

“The second time around, our two-year-old and I picked my husband up from the airport—and she was wearing a shirt that said BIG SISTER.” —Lyndsey M.

This article was originally published on May 22, 2018

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