And then the sperm caught the egg—strangest pregnancy announcement ever

This couple announced they are expecting in a very...unique way.

I love a good pregnancy announcement—especially when it makes me cry. But this one is just a bit odd.

It’s called “Jen and Calvin’s Sex Tape”—I told you it was weird—and it features a couple running around Toronto in a sperm and an egg costume.

A bunch of sperm, including Calvin, are chasing after the egg, Jen, because that’s totally how it happens in real life. And after a lot of running around, the sperm finally catches the egg. She’s, of course, reading Great Eggspectations when she meets her sperm.

And after some spinning, a baby is made—coming in Spring 2016.

Watch the video, and let us know what you think. Is it adorable and unique or just a bit strange?

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