6 Best Kids Makeup Kits 2023

Safe, fun and designed just for kids!

By Lauren Harden

6 Best Kids Makeup Kits 2023


Children love anything adults have, and that includes makeup. Perhaps your child has already asked to experiment with your makeup, or you've enjoyed the rite of passage of having to clean lipstick off your mirror. The best kids' makeup kits feature variety, are easy to wash off, good for fine motor skills and make your child very happy. Here are a few to consider.

What to look for in the best kids' makeup kit

Choose a kit with plentiful colors and tools as well as something that's age-appropriate. "Look to see what makeup kits don't have, too," says Aimee Carr, the founder of natural and clean makeup brand Voodoo Makeup. As a mom to two six-year-olds, she says the most important things to look for in makeup kits are allergy triggers, like dyes and preservatives.

"If you don't recognize the first six to 10 ingredients in the list, do your research and dig deep to make sure your child is wearing makeup that is safe for them." She also says to look for how the makeup wears. "Staining the skin is a sign of heavy pigments."

She says that her children learn a lot from playing with makeup kits, such as counting, following directions, fine motor skills, blending, colors and more. "I use makeup as an educational tool," she says. "I will draw a chart and number the areas matching makeup to the areas of the face, and I do the same for the tools for application. It turns into a fun color chart game."

She also will draw faces on art pags and allow them to use q-tips to practice painting on the paper before applying to their faces. "It becomes a paint project," she says.

The best kids' makeup kits 2023

Best overall

Hollyhi 41-Piece Kids Makeup Kit

Hollyhi 41 Pcs Kids Makeup Kit, best kids' makeup kit Merchant

With 41 included pieces, this kids' makeup kit has everything a child would need to get started. Have fun with 14 eyeshadows, two eyebrow shadows, two blushes and one blush wax. We love the six lip glosses, two lipsticks, pressed powder, nine makeup brushes, two nail stickers and a nail file that are also included.

Everything is neatly packed away in a pink and black cosmetic case that includes a mirror. A tutorial booklet comes with it so children can have guidance when making themselves up. The makeup washes off with soap and water and is suitable for ages three and up.


  • Contains 41 pieces
  • It comes in a black and pink cosmetic case
  • Makeup is washable
  • The small size makes it easy for small hands to carry it


  • Some parents expected the kit to be larger in size

Best budget

Tomons Kids Washable Makeup Kit

Tomons Kids Washable Makeup Kit, best kids makeup kit Merchant

This non-toxic makeup set has over 40 pieces of washable makeup including 11 lip glosses, six blushes, 14 eyeshadows, eight flash eyeshadows and a 3-in-1 lipstick. Everything is stored in a neat and compact cosmetic case with a large mirror. Play all day for children ages three and up. We also love how easily this one pops into a bathroom cabinet.


  • Includes washable nontoxic makeup
  • Has over 40 pieces
  • Comes in a lavender cosmetics case with a large mirror
  • Easy to store
  • Affordable


  • Some parents find it hard to get off

Best organic

Prim and Pure Mineral Gift Set with Unicorn Mirror

Prim and Pure Mineral Gift Set with Unicorn Mirror, best kids makeup kit Merchant

This nontoxic line of makeup is free from synthetic dyes, colors and preservatives. It's also cruelty-free and free from parabens, talc, corn starch, phthalates and other harmful ingredients. Made in the U.S.A., the line was created by a mom and includes full-sized products as well. Included in the kit is a full-sized mineral eye shadow and blush, plus a brush and mirror.


  • Nontoxic and free from harmful chemicals
  • Cruelty-free line
  • Created by a mom
  • Includes eyeshadow, blush, brush and a mirror


  • Some find the eyeshadow hard to open

Best luxury

Petite n' Pretty Master Class Makeup Kit

Petite n' Pretty Master Class Makeup Kit, best kids makeup kits

This kit from children's makeup line Petite n' Pretty is as good as it gets, including the full gamut of cosmetics needed to get started: a brush set, makeup palette, remover wipes, mascara, brow gel, a cosmetics bag and a selfie mirror. The line is pediatrician-approved and cruelty-free.

Made in the U.S.A., it's specifically formulated for children's skin and can be used from toddler age to teenage years.


  • Pediatrician-approved
  • Cruelty-free and made in the U.S.A
  • Includes a brush set, makeup palette, remover wipes, mascara, brow gel, cosmetics bag and selfie mirror
  • Specifically formulated to be age-appropriate for children, tweens and teens


  • Pricier than other options

Best kids makeup vanity

Kiddie Play Play Vanity

Kiddie Play Play Vanity, best kids makeup kits Merchant

This princess vanity is 31 inches tall by 17 inches wide, perfect for ages three to six. It includes jewelry and makeup. We love the pearl bracelets and necklace. Choose from earrings, rings, perfume containers, lipstick, lip gloss, a comb, clips and a working hair dryer—there's just so much to enjoy.

This vanity set is easy to assemble with no tools required, although the mirror light and hairdryer do require batteries.


  • Toddler-size
  • Includes jewelry, makeup, perfume bottles and more
  • Includes a working hair dryer
  • No tools are required to assemble


  • Depending on your child's size, it might be small
  • Requires batteries to operate the mirror light and hairdryer

Best rated

FoxPrint Kids Makeup Kit for Girls

FoxPrint Kids Makeup Kit for Girls, best kids makeup kits Merchant

This complete makeup set includes a blush trio, lip glosses, lipsticks, eyeshadows, nail polishes, an eyebrow pencil and brushes. It all comes in a cosmetics case for easy storage. It's easy to wash off and doesn't stain clothing, furniture or skin. Almost 25,000 people have rated this kit five stars on Amazon, shouting out how much their children have enjoyed using it.

We love that it won't irritate skin. It's also easy it is to clean up.


  • Includes blush, lip gloss, lipstick, eyeshadow, nail polish, an eyebrow pencil and brushes
  • Comes in an easy-to-store cosmetic bag
  • Washes off easily
  • Won't stain skin, furniture or clothing


  • The colors aren't as pigmented as other sets, though many parents prefer the softer tones

Easiest to wash off

Sprinkles Toyz Kids Real Makeup Kit

Sprinkles Toyz Kids Real Makeup Kit, best kids makeup kits Merchant

This adorable unicorn makeup bag holds a non-toxic makeup kit for kids. They'll enjoy inclusions such as eyeshadow, lip gloss, nail polish and brushes. It's paraben-free and goes on lightly for a subtle look. It comes off easily with water, with no special wipes or remover needed.

We also love that It comes off furniture and clothing easily, too.


  • Safe, non-toxic formula
  • Washable and comes off skin, furniture and clothing easily
  • Goes on light without too much pigmentation
  • Also comes in a pretend makeup kit if you prefer


  • Some might find it small in size


  • Aimee Carr, founder of natural and clean makeup brand Voodoo Makeup

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