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The Best SquishMallows Amazon Has Right Now

We found rare and hard-to-find Squishmallows on Amazon—you're welcome!

The Best SquishMallows Amazon Has Right Now

With all the Squishmallows Amazon has to offer, it's basically guaranteed that your little one will curl up on their kids' mattress and snuggle all night long.

What are Squishmallows, anyway?

Squishmallows are colorful cartoon-faced plushies that come in a range of personalities and characters (over 2,000), including licensed favorites from Disney, Pixar, Peanuts, Hello Kitty and Friends and Adopt Me! Sizes range from a small 3.5-inch clip-on cutie from around $10 to a big, huggable 24-inch pillow that can average $40 or a bit more.

Every style is super soft and made for cuddling. Whether it's Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear or the lovable Paden Blueberry Pancakes—there's a Squishmallow for everyone.

The variety of Squishmallows Amazon has available appeals to just about everyone ages three to 93. Seriously, they're that cute and fun to wrap arms around. But, due to their viral social media presence, some Squishmallows, are rare.

Luckily, Amazon has your back. And if you don't already have a membership, no worries. Here's how to get a free one and other free stuff from Amazon.

Our favorite Squishmallows Amazon has in stock right now

If you don't already have an Amazon Prime membership, here's how to get one for free plus loads of other free stuff from Amazon.

Samir the Blue Whale

samir the blue whale squishmallow, squishmallows amazon Merchant


This is Samir and he's an excellent leader. At eight inches, Samir comes equipped with an adorable sailor hat and a happy-go-lucky smile.

With a 4.9 star average rating, this nautical Squishmallow is ready to sail the high seas. Bring your best hugs and prepare to become Samir's best mate! And he obviously pairs well with every other Amazon Squishmallow.

Junie the Yellow Banana

Junie the yellow banana squishmallow, squishmallows amazon Merchant

Junie's counting down the days to her family reunion and she wants you to join her! She's a bigger gal at 14 inches, which means she gives extra-large snuggles. With this brightly-colored Squishmallow, Amazon customers rate Junie five stars across the board for her sunshiny disposition.

Miss Vi the Axolotl

Miss Vi the axolotl, squishmallows amazon Merchant


Who doesn't love a huggable salamander? This plush Squishmallow may only be 14 inches but Miss Vi an adventurous and up for anything. With a 4.8 average rating and over 500 happy customer reviews, this axolotl is a part of the HugMees collection, which comes with an extended warranty, and they're always ready for a hug.

Aldous the Fruit Bat

aldous the fruit bat, squishmallows amazon Merchant

Never judge a book — err, bat! — by its cover! Aldous has big dreams of starring in cowboy movies. With his cute wing flaps and fang teeth, this 14-inch Squishmallow is ready for the limelight.

Scented Mystery Squad

scented squishmallow collection, squishmallows amazon Merchant

If you're looking to add a little something different to your Squishmallow collection, this is it. At around $20, The Sea Cow Mystery Squad includes a shrunken, surprise five-inch plushie. There are six possible characters to collect including Malia, Mopey, Kerry, Alita and Bittie.


The best part? They're scented. Kids LOVE the multi-sensory approach, and frankly, so do we.

Plushie Variety Pack

plushie variety back, squishmallows amazon Merchant

Little hands will love these five-inch plushies! Add this collection of  10, super soft cuddlebugs to your squad and take them everywhere you go. The set includes a variety of unique personality Squishmallows —including Diane Bigfoot, Giles Grasshopper, Maritza Cactus, Nico Axolotl, Rachel Mushroom and more—for $44.99.

It makes the perfect birthday gift.

Diane the Bigfoot

diane the big foot, squishmallows amazon Merchant


Diane graduated college and she's ready to put down roots with you! She's one of the bigger Squishmallows at 20 inches and comes with a perfect five-star rating. Many reviewers stated that, because of her softness, she makes the perfect pillow with the cutest little feet.

Rima the Rainbow Bunny

Rima the Rainbow bunny, squishmallows amazon Merchant

As a part of the original Squishmallow collection, Rima has a fun attitude and whimsical colors. She loves to express herself through fashion by raiding her grandma’s closet. Her stackable, jumbo 20-inch design makes for the best snuggle companion.

Toy Story's Woody

toy story woody squishmallow, squishmallows amazon Merchant

You've got a friend in this 14-inch Woody! More than 2,600 people have bought and loved this plushie, thanks to its iconic design. As a part of Pixar's Toy Story Collection, your kids can collect others in the Squishmallow licensed series to complete the squad.

Disney's Dumbo

disney dumbo squishmallow, squishmallows amazon Merchant

Take a trip down memory lane with one of Disney's most iconic characters. As one of the top-rated Squishmallows, this 14-inch Dumbo captures hearts young and old. Oh, and it has captured more than 4,400 mostly five-star ratings.

Machine washable, soft and squeezable, Dumbo's ears remain a fan favorite.

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This article was originally published on May 16, 2023

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