27 awesome Cars 3 items your kid will love

Ka-chow! With the Cars 3 movie release coming up, we've got toys, merch, and other must-haves for every Lightning McQueen fan.

27 awesome Cars 3 items your kid will love

Cars 3 toys

Ultimate Lightning McQueen RC Car by Sphero

If you thought the Sphero BB-8 was insane, then your little Cars fanatic will absolutely LOVE this latest release by the robotics company. Sphero partnered with Disney and recently dropped the Ultimate Lightning McQueen remote control car. A downloaded app lets you use your smartphone as the remote control and send Lightning speeding off to the finish line or get him to do cool doughnuts with the flick of a finger. His eyes are an LCD screen, so his expressions are spot-on, and his animatronic mouth moves while saying his favourite catchphrases, like “Ka-chow!” He can reach up to six miles per hour, has five touch sensors that trigger movement and leans in to every turn because he’s that life-like. Included in the app is a pit stop game that allows you to repair cars and there’s an interactive feature where Lightning watches the Cars movies with your kid and comments throughout. With over 300 phrases, they’ll never get bored of their new, lifelike companion.


Cars 3 Ultimate Lightning McQueen remote control race car by Sphero

Ultimate Florida Speedway

Do you have the need for speed? Your kid will freak out at this 5-foot long Florida Speedway track. Use the motorized booster to give McQueen and his rival, Jackson Storm, the boost they need to go head-to-head around the track. Keep things interesting by using the diverter to make them change lanes. When the flag pops up signalling the victory lap, you’ll be able to taste victory! Connects with the Florida Speedway and the Spiral Garage sets for endless hours of fun.


Cars 3 Florida speedway with Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm


LEGO Duplo Flo’s Café

Hang out at the famous Flo’s with Mack, Lightning and Cruz in Radiator Springs. Make sure you fuel Lightning up at the gas pump to prepare him for his next big race. Pack him up in the back of Mack’s trailer and hit the road!


Lego Cars 3 Flo's Cafe playset

Lightning McQueen Sneakers

Race laps around the track in these awesome slip-on sneakers. The faux-leather detailing, McQueen appliques and checkered lining on the inside make any racer wearing them Piston Cup-ready.


Cars 3 slip on sneakers

Cars 3 Rust-eze Racing Center Lightning McQueen

McQueen’s not ready to say goodbye to the racetrack just yet. In a world where the race cars are getting younger and sleeker looking, Lightning has to keep up. This mini remote control version of the racecar we all know and love on screen charges at high speed and moves in all directions. With 2.4 GHZ multi-channel radio control, you’ll want to take Lightning to the racetrack to face off against his rivals. The 7” highly-detailed car comes complete with his fancy new paint job that you’ll see in Cars 3! This Toys R Us exclusive is definitely one your tiny racer won’t want to miss.


Cars 3 Rust-eze Racing Center Lightning McQueen


Cars 3 Playland with 20 Balls

Jump into this inflatable ball pit decorated with cool Cars 3 graphics and characters. It will definitely keep the kids busy with 20 colourful soft-flex balls, interactive side panel and two openings to crawl through. Plus, there’s a fun ball-toss roof!


Cars 3 ball pit playland

Cars 3 Walkie Talkies

Communicate with another member of your pit-stop crew with a press of the red button. The static-free set will make it easy to hear one another even at extended range.


Cars 3 walkie talkies

Monopoly Junior: Disney Pixar Cars 3 Edition

This is the perfect way to introduce the game of Monopoly to your mini Cars lover. Players start by choosing their favourite character-themed tokens. When it’s your turn, roll the dice and move your character (Lightning McQueen, Jackson Storm, Smokey or Cruz Ramirez) around the board in classic Monopoly fashion. The rules are easier to follow in this version, and the duration of the game is shorter, so it’s extra fun for kids to play.


Cars 3 Monopoly Junior set by Hasbro


Thunder Hollow Criss-Cross Track Set

Crash, smash and eat dust! Enjoy recreating one of the most iconic scenes from the new movie with this awesome derby set. Dodge barrels and tires while mud-covered McQueen maneuvers through the figure-8 track. But watch out! If he loses speed, Lightning will wipe out and flip over. For extra excitement, send him through the breakaway door and off the track. The motorized booster allows the cars to keep circling for limitless amounts of play. Other Crazy 8 vehicles sold separately.


Thunder Hollow Derby set from Cars 3

Cars 3 Woven Shirt

Your little mechanic will feel like part of the pit stop crew with this shirt which comes complete with  “Rev Hard!”, Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm patches. 


Cars 3 woven patch shirt for boys

Disney Cars 3 Mack’s Mobile Tool Center

This fun tool center lets little mechanics practice their tune-up skills with Mack’s 24 tools and pieces. Lightning is also included in the set, complete with removable tires for speedy tire rotations. Open up Mack’s side doors for tool storage or suspend McQueen on the lift when performing your tune ups before you speed him down the ramp to his race. The light and sounds control center help you to determine what Lightning needs you to fix. Turn Mack’s headlights on and rev his engine by pressing his hat. Cleanup is a breeze and the carry handle makes the set easily portable.


Cars 3 Mack tool set


Max Tow Mater

Mater might be the rustiest tow truck in Radiator Springs, but he’s definitely the trustiest! One thing he might love more than hanging out with his bestie, Lightning McQueen, is helping a stranded car in need. Mater is about 15” high and wide, and can push and pull up to 200 pounds using max power! He also says over 50 phrases and has cool sound effects. His chain hooks to just about anything—just watch as your kids giggle up a storm as he drags everyday objects around. Now “let’s git’er in gear!”


Cars 3 Mater tow truck

Mack Die Cast Carrier 8-Car Set

Speed with 24” Mack as he carries eight die-cast Cars characters—Lightning, Mater, Sally, Sarge, Flo, Luigi, Ramone and Guido—in his trailer. The set features removable side panels to store the cars and a carry handle to easily bring Mack and his eight friends with you wherever you go. Press Mack’s hat to hear 10 fun, different phrases. 


Cars 3 Mack 8-car playset

Disney Pixar Cars 3: The Essential Guide

Think you know everything there is to know about the newest installment in the Cars franchise? Think again! Every Cars 3 fan will love this essential guide that covers everything you need to know about movie themes, key locations, iconic moments and, of course, character profiles on all the new cars!


Cars 3 Essential guide book


Cars 3 Limited Edition Pin Set

If your kid is a collector, then these are the pins for him. Pin Lightning, Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm and the Cars 3 logo to any backpack, jacket, or pair of shoes. Or just keep them as a collector’s item in the display case that they’re packaged in. Race to collect them all!


Cars 3 collector's pins

LEGO Juniors Thunder Hollow Crazy 8 Race

3, 2, 1, GO! If your kid loves LEGO, then they’ll love re-enacting one of the coolest scenes from the new film with this 191-piece set. 


Thunder Hollow Crazy 8 Race set by Lego

Trouble: Cars 3

It’s time to get in some trouble with Lightning McQueen! He’s been challenged to a demolition derby at Thunder Hollow Speedway by the Crazy 8 Racers. Press the Pop-O-Matic dice roller in the middle of the board game to help Lightning get around the muddy track to victory. Bump other players back to the pits, get stuck in pile ups, or change a player’s move with any of the pictures on the die. First player to get all four cars home, wins! 


Cars 3 Trouble game by Hasbro


Cruz Ramirez Tee

Is your little one is a Cruz Ramirez fan? Then she’ll adore this bright yellow and blue crew neck tee with its glittering “Cruz Control” graphic. Available in sizes 2-12.


Blue and yellow Cruz Ramirez from Cars 3 t-shirt

Disney Pixar Cars 3 Crazy 8 Crashers Smash & Crash Derby Playset

Recreate the ultimate Derby competition scene with this awesome, action-packed playset. The arena is a detailed replica of the Crazy 8 Derby race, complete with mud-covered Lightning McQueen. Challenge Miss Fritter or Smokey (sold separately) and crash, race and battle your way through tires, barrels, and other obstacles to win. The fun doesn’t stop there—you can reconfigure the arena three different ways to keep it interesting.


Cars 3 derby playset

Kids’ Crocs Fun Lab Lights Cars 3 Clog

Mini speedsters can put the medal to the with Lightning McQueen or Cruz Ramirez on their feet. With the cushioned comfort of a Croc and light-up characters, your little one won’t want to take them off.

$55 each,

Cars 3 Crocs clogs


Crazy Crash & Smash Lightning McQueen & Cruz Ramirez

It’s smashin’ time! Use the controller to race Lightning McQueen against Cruz Ramirez, and crash them into each other. Don’t worry if parts fly off—it’s all part of the fun! Just snap them back into place and continue with the crazy smash and crash action. The doors and hood pop off when the cars smash into each other, but a filament cord keeps them attached to avoid losing pieces. Sold separately.

Lightning McQueen: $40,
Cruz Ramirez: $40,

Cars 3 Lightning McQueen and Cruz Ramirez crash cars

Cars 3 food products

You never thought you needed Cars-themed food products, right? Just wait until your preschooler sees these at the grocery store. The General Mills cereal is a Special Edition Cinnamon Crunch flavour and the granola bars are peanut-free with Chocolate Cake Flavour by Betty Crocker. The Yoplait yogurt tubes come in a pack of eight and are available in two flavour packs: Raspberry and Banana or Fruit Punch and Strawberry-Banana. The Oasis juice boxes are decorated with your favourite Cars 3 characters and are made with a blend of 100% fruit juice cocktail. Available in four flavours: Strawberry-Banana, Peach Clementine, Apple and Grape Berry.

Granola bars: $2-3,

Yoplait Tubes: $3,

Cereal: $4,

Oasis FruitZoo juice boxes: $2-4,

Lightning McQueen and Cars 3-themed food including cereal, granola bars, juice boxes and yogurt tubes

Cars 3 Die Cast Character Cars

These 1:43 inch scale figures of the film’s newest cast members are the perfect addition to your kid’s Cars collection. The incredible detail, like Cruz Ramirez’s sporty yellow finish and Jackson Storm’s sleek, futuristic build, make these figures super life-like. Other die cast characters include Daniel Swervez, Tim Treadless, Gale Beaufort, and classic Cars characters, like Mack. Sold separately.

Cruz Ramirez: $9,

Jackson Storm: $9,

Miss Fritter: $25,

Cars 3 new characters die cast collectible cars


Cars 3 Mash’ems

Collect all six of these Series 1 mini Mash’ems and take them with you wherever you go. You can stretch, squish, and mash them as much as you can. Available in Lightning McQueen, Luigi, Mater, Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm, and Smokey. Some may be more common than others—be sure to keep an eye out for the rare ones!


Cars 3 six-character mash em's

Cars 3 Infrared RC Racing Hero Lightning McQueen

If you’re looking for a more affordable remote control Lightning, then this version by Thinkway Toys is for you. Watch Lightning come to life when you press the button on his roof. Use the remote control to move him forward, in reverse and to hear him speak in his original voice. He has light-up hood and roof decals, says his favourite catch phrases, has flashing headlights and his eyes move as he races around.


Cars 3 Lightning McQueen remote control car

Disney Cars 3 Soft Lite

Your Cars 3 fanatic will sleep easy in the glow of this adorable Lightning McQueen night light. It’s safe, portable, and plug free, so he can take Lightning with him to sleepovers at Grandma’s. And don’t worry about it staying on all night—it turns off automatically after 10 minutes.


Lightning McQueen glow in the dark night light


Thunder Hollow Crazy 8’s Demolition Crash Set

Blast the three racers into action by pressing the button on the spring-loaded launchers. Lightning McQueen (as Chester Whipplefilter), Dr. Damage, and T-Bone all have unique features, like crashing sound effects, bendable framework and doors flying open on impact.


Cars 3 Thunder Hollow Crazy 8's race derby three car set

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