This Ultimate Lightning McQueen RC car is next level

Vroom, vroom! Disney has partnered with electronic toy company Sphero to bring Lightning McQueen to life. Here's why it'll be on your kid's wish list.

By Christine Shepherd

This Ultimate Lightning McQueen RC car is next level

Photo: Disney/Pixar

Get ready to start your engines! Disney has partnered with Sphero—the robotic toy company that gave us the lovable BB-8 app-enabled droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens—to bring to life another favourite Disney character, Lightning McQueen from Disney-Pixar Cars.

Ultimate Lightning McQueen Phone Boy Photo: Disney/Pixar

Like its counterpart BB-8, Sphero's Ultimate Lightning McQueen is as charmingly animated as he is onscreen. McQueen will quickly feel like more of a companion than gadget—he comes off super life-like. Using your smartphone as a remote control, your kid will be able to navigate the race car to a top speed of six miles per hour! The toy features a general drive mode (doughnuts, anyone?), a simulated pit stop game during which you repair cars for their next lap around the track, and an interactive feature that has McQueen "watch along" with the Cars movies—on your device of choice—and provide his own commentary from the app (ka-chow!) If that doesn't seem like enough, McQueen is also equipped with over 300 different phrases to create your dialogue with your kid.

Ultimate Lightning McQueen will have you saying "the future is now!" with high-tech features that surpass his predecessor, BB-8. The smartphone-controlled race car includes an LCD screen that animates the character's eyes, an animatronic mouth with a built-in speaker (voiced by—you guessed it— Owen Wilson), and five touch sensors on the hood, trunk, sides and top of the car that trigger movement. Though you might not want to take Lightning McQueen to a real track, your kid (or even you!) will have a blast reimagining your home as the Piston Cup Speedway from Cars.

Ultimate Lightning McQueen Photo: Disney/Pixar

Ultimate Lightning McQueen is available exclusively at Best Buy for $400 and is recommended for ages eight and up. And don't forget to catch Disney-Pixar Cars 3 in theatres on June 16.

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