21 collectibles your kids are going crazy for

Blind bags and mini figs and plush toys—oh my! From Hatchimals to Shopkins, we've got you covered for all of the hottest collectible trends.

21 collectibles your kids are going crazy for

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

By now everyone knows about last year’s hottest and near-impossible-to-buy toy—Hatchimals! It’s the one that requires you to rub the egg to hatch your very own, interactive creature. Now your little collector can treasure mini Hatchimals with their new CollEGGtibles line. It’s basically the same idea, but the eggs are much smaller and there’s more variety in Hatchimal families (you can tell which family yours belongs to based on the colour of your speckled egg.) Half the excitement is not knowing which one you’ll hatch—will you get a Tigrette, Hummingbear or Penguala? There are over 70 Hatchimals to collect in the Season One (including special edition and super rare ones), sold in 1-, 2-, or 4-packs.

1-pack: $4,

glittery Hatchimals Colleggtibles

L.O.L. Surprise!

OMG—this is the gift that keeps on giving! Each L.O.L. Surprise! doll takes unboxing to a whole new level with seven layers of unwrapping fun. Each 3-inch doll comes in a tiny sphere, and as your kid unwraps the gift to get to it, there’s a fun surprise in every layer. It’ll start with a secret message, then progress to stickers, accessories that double as charms, and more—practically a full playset in one! Currently, there’s only two series, but tons of Clubs to collect from, including Hip Hop, Storybook and Glitterati. There’s also two other collections in the line: Lil Sisters (a baby line of L.O.L. dolls) and Charm Fizz (a bath bomb with three surprise charms.)

$15 each,

LOL Surprise! dolls


The Grossery Gang

Your shoppin’s gone rotten! There are three series of Grossery characters to collect inside Cheap Town’s abandoned Yucky Mart. They’re groceries gone bad (or should we say, GROSS!), with cool characters like Fungus Fries and Burp-rito. Be on the lookout for mega-packs, like the Grossery Gang Vile Vending Machine, that includes 20 exclusive grosseries, and four milk crates with surprise grosseries.


Grossery Gang collectibles

Littlest Pet Shop

If your kid is an animal lover, then they’ll adore the LPS series. With over 600 pets to collect, there’s animals to love in every category: Amphibians/Reptiles, Aquatic, Birds, Bugs, Cats, Dogs, Farm, Small Furry Pets, and Wild. Collectibles are available in different collections, colours and scales (from teensie to classic size,) meaning their collection will be never-ending. Spruce it up with more exclusive pets like the Black & White Special Collection.

Littlest Pet Shop Black & White Pet Pack, $25,

Littlest Pet Shop Black and White collection

Num Noms

These super cute, scented food-themed characters will be your kids’ new favourite tradeable that they can stack, mix and match. With four different series and a variety of scents—like Watermelon and Cheese Burrito—your little one will stop at nothing to collect them all. How do they differ from similar collector’s favourites like Shopkins? Nums are the squishier, hollow characters that sit on top of the Noms, which are the inner, hard-shelled characters that are either filled with flavoured lip gloss or motorized to “scoot around”. Mix and match Nums and Noms for endless amounts of customizable scents. Make sure you keep an eye out for the two-series glow-in-the-dark Num Noms Lights or the Mystery Packs.

Num Noms starter pack: $17,

Num Noms collectibles


Slow-Rise Squishies

These “kawaii” food-themed squish toys are called slow-rise for a reason—squishing them is just as satisfying as watching them slowly rise back to shape. Collect them all—there’s different types of cakes, fruit, buns and other dessert items—available in regular and jumbo sizes. Or you can get your kid a Baker’s Dozen Mystery Box to get their collection started for $60, which includes 13 Squishies—12 regular size and one jumbo—available for Series 1-5. (FYI Squishies are sweetly scented—good to know if your child is scent-sensitive.) Starting at $10.

Slow-rise squishy toys, including a popsicle, watermelon, Hello Kitty donuts and two slices of strawberry cake

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Though it’s a bit macabre, more and more kids are getting super into this horror-themed video game right now. Fans can collect their favourite haunted animatronic figures from Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, including Freddy himself, Chica the Chicken and Cupcake. Playsets, mystery mini figs, and blind bags are also available.

Pack 1: $21,

Five Nights At Freddy's collectible figures

Shopkins Cutie Cars

Now on its eighth season, Shopkins is a collectible line that ain’t slowing down anytime soon. Besides the loveable food-themed characters, Shoppies, Happy Places, and plush characters, the Shopkins line now includes CutieCars—tiny die-cast character cars with even tinier Shopkins passengers. CutieCars are sold in singles, multi-packs and playsets, featuring characters like Jelly Bean Machine and Cupcake Cruiser.

Cutie Cars Shopkins S1 3 Pack: $20,

Shopkins Cutie Cars collectibles


ty Mini Boos Collectibles

Take your favourite ty Beanie Boos, shrink them down to less than three inches and you have the new ty Mini Boos Collectibles. Series 1 has 13 Mini Boos characters, sold individually and tucked away in mystery boxes, so each one is a surprise! Will you get Coconut the monkey, Kiki the kitty or one of their other friends? Mini Boos are either plastic, velvet or a combo of both—all with plastic, glittery eyes. A checklist is included in each box to keep track of all your Mini Boos. There’s a “Chaser” in each series (the rarest one), so keep an eye out for this series’ Chaser, Dotty the Leopard. $4 each,

ty Mini Boos collectible toys

Pokémon cards

Before Pokémon Go, there were trading cards, and although these have been around for over 15 years, nothing beats a good Pokémon card collection. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Pokémon are creatures that barely speak and are raised by their Trainers. Once grown, they can battle other Pokémon and be traded with other Trainers. There are over 700 types of Pokémon that differ by Type—like Bugs or Poison— and Weaknesses. Keep an eye out for the super rare ones, like the Pikachu Illustrator card and first edition Charizard card, or Toys R Us’ exclusive new Mythical Pokémon Collection in celebration of their 20th year. Gotta catch em’ all!

50-pack assortment, $9,

Pokemon cards


If you’re looking to start your kids’ collection off with something less overwhelming, than the Ooshies line is the perfect choice. With only 40 to collect (so far, anyways) your kid can choose any of their favourite heroes or Disney Princesses that have been “ooshed.” They’ll have many characters to choose from, including their favourite wresters, DC Comics characters like Batman and Wonder Woman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Disney Princesses—the newest addition to the collection.

Blind Bags starting at $3,

DC Comics, Disney Princess and Marvel-themed Ooshies collectibles



Welcome to an “out-of-this-world adventure full of colorful moods!” Help Hanazuki, the Moonflower, protect her moon by collecting treasures and unlocking the moods that they represent. Each colour represents a different mood—yellow = happy, purple = courageous, red = feisty—the list goes on! You can attach them to other accessories (sold separately).

Start your Hanazuki lover’s collection with Hanazuki Surprise Treasures (2-pack): $4, or the Hanazuki Lunalux Treasures: $17,

Hanazuki collectibles


Your little warrior will love taking apart his Roblox figures and mixing up the parts to create his own unique action figures. Figures and playsets are sold separately, and Series 1, 2 and Chasers are available. Each fig comes with a redeemable code to unlock exclusive online items.

Available at

Roblox toy collectibles

Tsum Tsum

These cute stackables are more popular than ever, and include characters from your favourite Disney movies, Marvel and Star Wars movies. Besides the original plush stackables (available in mini to large), Tsum Tsum fanatics can now collect character die-cast vehicles, collector’s pins, and other accessories. New in the plush stackables world are characters from The Lion Guard.

Disney Tsum Tsum collectibles



Stikbot can be whoever your imagine wants him to be. Through stop-motion (using the free Stikbot Studios app,) these mini figures will come to life before your eyes. The figures are poseable and have suction cups for hands and feet. Besides individual figures, you can also have Stikbot Pets—a bulldog, monkey, dog or cat—star in your animations. A Zanimation Studio (basically a mini green screen) is available for purchase, as well as action packs. Stikbots are available in 9 clear colours and 6 solid ones.

Single packs starting at $8,

Stikbot collectibles in different colours


Everything’s better two-gether! With over 140+ characters to collect in each season (there’s three so far), your toy fanatic will never get bored of these adorable babies and their furry pet friends.

Twozies collectibles


Your kids’ favourite pixelated collection keeps on growing. Besides mini figures, playsets and life-size pickaxes, Minecraft has branched out into Hot Wheels vehicles and themed tracks, blind packs and even a remote-control flying ghast! Now your kid can take their favourite characters from the game and play with them all in real life. Start crafting their collection with Series 3 1-pack mini figures or the Collector’s Case to store them.


Minecraft collector's case


Shimmer & Shine Teenie Genies

Your wish has been granted! Genies-in-training, twins Shimmer and Shine, now have their own magical line of collectibles. The show that teaches kids about making mistakes and how to problem solve has a line that includes mini-figs, playsets, and all of Shimmer and Shine’s friends in Zahramay Falls. There’s over 130 genies to collect, including fun themes like Dance Party and Genie Splash. Make sure you keep a close eye out for the “floating” genies—they’re super rare!

8-pack: $15,

Shimmer & Shine Teenie Genie collectibles


This adorable Japanese brand—it translates to “sometimes”—made its debut in 2005, and has been a huge hit with kids ever since. Toys include popular characters, like Mermicornos (half mermaid-half-unicorn), SANDy, Donutella, Moofia and many more. Your best bet is to start with the 2-pack blind boxes, which are $10+. Currently, you can collect up to Series 5, and some of the newest figs include the tokidoki x Might Jaxx XXRAY line—the collectibles are half tokidoki cuteness, half x-ray skeleton! (Psst—the tokidoki brand also has cute bags and accessories for grownups, so you can start your very own collection, too!)

Blind boxes starting at $13,

tokidoki collectible mermicornos

Cabbage Patch Kids Little Sprouts

Cabbage Patch Kids have been in households for over 35 years, and now your mini-me can collect mini versions of your favourite childhood toy. The Little Sprouts line by Wicked Cool Toys will feature pet, baby and kid micro figures and playsets. Collect all 120 for a new and exciting adventure every day!

Available in Blind Boxes, 4- and 8-pack Friends Sets. Starting at $4 per blind pack, available ay Toys R Us in October.

Cabbage Patch Kids Lil Sprouts dolls



These make-your-own collectibles give kids the opportunity to customize their own colourful characters. You can create endless combos with over 10,000 accessories—just Pop! Squeeze! Surprise! Colour refills are sold separately in case you run out.

Get your collection started with the Smooshins Surprise Maker Kit: $60,

Smooshins collectible toys

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This article was originally published on Sep 19, 2017

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