It’s National Wine Day every day for parents

It's National Wine Day, so drink up!

By Davina Sinnatamby

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Life is hard. And while our kids reward themselves at the end of a long day with a chocolate chip cookie, we need something a little stronger. We're talking about wine, ladies and gents! So raise a glass and celebrate national wine day...even though it's national wine day every day for busy, tired and puke-covered parents.

Happy wine o'clock!

Photo: Pinterest via Someecards Photo: Pinterest via Someecards

Oh, really? You don't like hummus or cheese strings now, eh? Screw you!

I don't want any push presents, just get me some wine!

Photo: Pinterest via Cool Mom Picks Photo: Pinterest via Cool Mom Picks

Wait... being pregnant was the easy part? Bottoms up.


Why did I volunteer for this school field trip?

Photo: Pinterest via DumpaDay. com Photo: Pinterest via DumpaDay. com

My kid just said he hates me. Wine will always love me.

Hockey practice, piano lessons and ballet?! Mommy needs an after-school activity too.

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Just have to watch Frozen for the 1000th time and then I can binge watch Vikings.

Trust me diapers won't drain your bank account quite as much.

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It's my turn to host the slumber's gonna be a lo-o-o-ng night.

I found a new job for my nursing bra.

If only every day could end like this.

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This article was originally published on Feb 18, 2016

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