Funniest April Fools' pranks on your kids

Today's Parent readers share some April Fools' pranks they've pulled on their kids.

By Today's Parent
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Thinking of playing a prank on your kid this April Fools' Day? Today's Parent readers share how they've fooled their families.

"I put milk and cereal in bowls and placed them in the freezer the night before. When my boy sat down for his morning fruit loops, they were as hard as a rock! The kids loved it!" — Morgan Roberts from Hinton,  Alta. via Facebook

"We made silly pics and wrote words like 'boo' on toilet paper, then left them floating in the toilet. It was a surprise for when the kids went to the washroom." — Amy Gilbert from Sunderland, Ont. via Facebook

"We told them we were having another baby—we have five kids. That one's always good for a laugh!" — Becky Dicks-Howat from Frankford, Ont. via Facebook

"My husband put plastic wrap over the toilet one year and put down the seat. My daughters did not find it funny." — Vanessa Clark from Eastern Passage, N.S via Facebook


"I wet the kids' toothbrushes and dipped them in salt before they got up to get ready for school. My daughter is still mad about it!" — Melanie Mitchell Heaney from Hamilton, Ont. via Facebook

"One year I got a Smarties box, carefully opened it, put in dried peas and then glued it shut. I put it in her lunch box, which is something I never do. She was so excited when she opened her lunch box. She found it very funny." — Bronwyn Gray from Toronto, Ont. via Facebook

"Last year, I told the family I had made brownies for dessert. I brought out a dish full of brown letter Es (Brown Es). My two- and five-year-olds thought it was hilarious. This year, my husband wants to put the kids in each others' beds once they are sleeping. When they wake up they will be in their brother's or sister's bed instead of their own." — Anne-Marie OW from Ottawa, Ont. via Facebook

"I pretend that I've lost my voice." — Julie Ferris-Daigle from Saint John, N.B via Facebook

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"I set the alarm on [my] iPod to go off every five to 10 minutes over the course of a couple hours." — April-Lee Tonery from Debert, N.S via Facebook

"One year I put my son's snack for school inside of a Ziploc bag. I then put that Ziploc bag inside another one, that bag inside another one and so on. I must have used about 50 bags! It took him forever to finally get to his snack and the other kids in his class laughed as they watched him with a big mess of bags all over his desk!" — Shari Kimel Alderdice from Maple, Ont. via Facebook

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