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5 teacher gifts you can give without knowing their mailing address

Didn't get a chance to say thank you to your kid's teacher? It's not too late.

5 teacher gifts you can give without knowing their mailing address

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Not sure how to thank your kid’s teacher this year? Even if you don’t have your teacher’s address, it is possible to send them a small token to show how much they’re appreciated.

Here are some e-gift ideas that will go straight into their inbox

1. Reading materials

Teachers like to read, right? Help them bulk up their summer reading collection with an Amazon gift card. If you want to make the gift extra special, try checking in with your local bookshops to see if they also offer this service.


2. A sweet treat

Are you that parent who bakes cookies for your kid's teacher each year? With an Uber Eats, DoorDash or Skip The Dishes gift card you can still treat them to something sweet of their choosing.

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3. Caffeine fix

Retailers like Tim Hortons, David's Tea and Starbucks all offer electronic gift cards—most can even be personalized. For a more local option, check out Giftly, which has an array of independent coffee shops that offer e-gifts and are listed based on where you live.

Need more ideas? Check out this gifts of the best coffee alternatives if they don't love java.

4. Movie night

Gift them a night out with buttery popcorn and an escape from reality with a Cineplex gift card. Cards start at $10 and include a personalized message.


Alternatively, give an Amazon Prime video, movies and TV subscription for three or more months. If they already have a membership, they can just transfer the funds to their balance—there's no loss!

5. Let them choose

Need some more inspiration? Give them their pick of or, depending on where they live. A gift card can help them stock up on much-needed classroom supplies, snacks or even some pampering essentials.

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This article was originally published on Jun 05, 2021

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