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12 end-of-year teacher gifts (that they actually want!)

Say "thank you" with a thoughtful gift your kid's teacher will actually use. Hint: It's not a mug.

12 end-of-year teacher gifts (that they actually want!)

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End-of-year teacher gifts (that they actually want!)

Fancy candles

It’s. Finally. Summer! A nice candle goes well with that bottle of wine that someone else’s mom is picking up for teacher. These soy-based candles are made in Canada and come in a variety of scents like french lavender and freshly cut grass. They’re all so good, buy one for yourself, too. Starting at $16,

12 end-of-year teacher gifts (that they actually want!)Photo: Red Sky Candles

Gourmet candy

Hi, have you met Squish candies yet? Wth vegan and gluten-free options, these soft little gummies are a real good time. Thank You mix, $14,

12 end-of-year teacher gifts (that they actually want!)Photo: Squish Candies


Artisanal bath salts

A long year of teaching is worthy of a good soak. We love the pretty packaging, chunky salts and amazing scents of Alberta-based Rocky Mountain Soap Company. Starting at $6,

12 end-of-year teacher gifts (that they actually want!)Photo: Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Movie passes

Gift your teacher some movie passes so he can live his best life outside of school in an air-conditioned auditorium catching the summer’s hottest flicks. Prices vary,

two Cineplex movie passesPhoto: Cineplex


A DIY terrarium is an easy way to enlist your tiny pupil in the gift-making process. Our version has cute little gnomes, yours doesn’t have to. Get the instructions here

three terrariums with little gnomes on top


Books! All the books!

It’s no secret that many teachers spend their hard-earned money on classroom supplies. Donate books to the class library. Go one step further to personalize the gift by having your child hand-pick the book (based on what the classroom lacks) and then write a sweet dedication on the inside flap. Get inspired with our list of the 100 best Canadian kids’ books of all time

The velveteen rabbit cover artPhoto: EGMONT

Summery tea

If you notice your tot’s teacher swigging a hot cup of tea regularly, a packet of fancy leaves fit for summer sipping will be a welcome gift. Coffee drinker? Grab a bag of beans from your local coffee shop. The Splash Collection Tea singles, $25,

12 end-of-year teacher gifts (that they actually want!)Photo: David's Tea

Emoji post-it notes

Help your kid’s teacher take his marking into the 21st century with these post-it notes. You’ll know your little one got an A+ if she comes home with a heart eyes post-it note. 

12 end-of-year teacher gifts (that they actually want!)Photo:


Gift Cards

We suggest bestowing teachers with a gift card to places they can buy themselves a treat, or pick up school supplies for the classroom. A card to Starbucks or Tim Hortons is great for the caffeine-obsessed. If you feel comfortable, a gift card to the LCBO can make for a much appreciated end-of-year gift for those tired teachers!

12 end-of-year teacher gifts (that they actually want!)

Make a donation

Look for a charity that’s close to the teacher’s heart or one that provides supplies to low-income schools. Sometimes the need is close to home; ask your child’s teacher if there’s a family in the class that’s in need of a helping hand.

two hands holding a small twine-wrapped brown boxPhoto: iStockphoto

School supplies

Many teachers love gifts they can share with future classes. Plus, they won’t have to worry about stocking up come September.

various school supplies laid out on a yellow backgroundPhoto: Erik Putz


Handmade Card

You don’t have to get fancy, just write something heartfelt. Teachers love feeling appreciated. Have your little one construct a card and write something special. You can add your own blurb of thanks, too.

little girl holding a handmade card with heart and a pink tulipPhoto: iStockphoto

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