We're totally jealous of this girl's epic handshake with her teacher

How in the world do they remember it all?

Nothing says cool like a secret handshake this is by far the coolest handshake we’ve ever seen.

Twitter user @MelynnaPena recently uploaded a video of her little sister doing what has to be the longest handshake in existence with her teacher, and can we just say that we have no clue how they remember it all?

According to the caption, the student-teacher duo started this handshake at the beginning of the school year and added a new element to it every Friday. Now that it’s June, and school is coming to a close, their handshake has reached a length of epic proportions. Just when you think it’s about to end, it keeps going and going and going. Take a look:

Move over Lindsay Lohan–you and your fake camp twin may have had that cute montage teaching each other your butler’s handshake on the docks at sunset, but it doesn’t even come close to how adorable this clip is.

We love all the creative things this duo added to their shake, like the rock-paper-scissors-turned-tea-party-clink at 0:19 and the multiple twirls (although we would’ve loved to see her twirl him around too at some point).

High five to the teacher for his commitment, given all the other things educators have on their plate. It seriously is a lot to remember (you can see him waiver a bit around the 0:41 mark, but it was a very small slip, so we’ll let it pass). It’s stuff like this that makes kids like coming to school, so bravo to him for going above and beyond for this student. Now let’s see if they can both still remember it come September.

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