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14 new baby and kid products our editors are loving this month

An affordable air purifier to the latest innovation from the makers of the SNOO, parents will love these new baby and kid products coming to stores this spring.

By Today's Parent
14 new baby and kid products our editors are loving this month

Photo: Nanit

Our inboxes are flooded with the latest and greatest in new parenting products every day. From exciting new toys and clever innovations for baby to tools that help make raising kids just a little bit easier (and fun!), our editors have selected some of their favourite launches this month.

Sweet Dreams Baby Kit

"One thing I constantly worried about as a new parent was whether my baby was too hot (or too cold!) in their room at night. This kit anticipates this common stress by pairing a smart camera with a smart thermostat (and extra sensor you can put right in the baby's room) so you know exactly what's going on in their environment. Bonus: the camera has all the main functions of a baby monitor including night vision, two-way talking and motion detect, and once your little one grows out of needing a monitor it can be used as a home security camera."—Simone Olivero, senior editor


smart camera and thermostat on stylized backdropPhoto: Ecobee

American Crafts The Best Ideas For Kids

"These fun crafting kits for kids come with everything you need to create colourful sun-catchers, kooky clothespin robots and so much more. They're the perfect cure for the boredom blues."—Kevin John, Siazon, assistant editor


colourful flat lay of crafts and crafting kitsPhoto: American Crafts The Best Ideas For Kids


Baby Tess

"Fans of Maison Tess will love their new baby line of muslin cotton crib sheets, blankets, pillows and baskets. Much like the chic adult and kids collections, the Montreal-based label chose a beautiful selection of colours (misty pink, teal and amber), all made by a family-owned Portuguese manufacturer. Any busy parent will love the texture most of all—naturally wrinkled, so don't even think about adding them to your ironing pile! Phew."—Jessica Pollack, deputy editor

From $55,

collection of muslin cotton crib beddingPhoto: Maison Tess

Layette Collection

"Trying to pick out clothes for a newborn can be a lot of fun—but it can also be exhausting. I'm thankful I discovered the Layette Collection from Montreal-based Petit Lem. Just pick a theme and the handy newborn checklist will tell you all the pieces you need to get your baby started in this world. The clothes are super soft and are easy to mix and match."—Simone Olivero, senior editor

From $14,

newborn clothing with giraffe printPhoto: Petit Lem

Dove Kids Care

"I have a bit of a soft spot for Dove because I like the brand's positive messages about self-esteem and body image. Its new Kids Care line continues this theme, as each one comes with a positive affirmation that kids can repeat as part of their hygiene routine. (Some will be cynical about this but I think it's sweet.) The body washes and bubble baths are gentle and hypoallergenic, and come in kid-friendly scents like cotton candy and coconut cookie."—Kim Shiffman, editor-in-chief


three bottles of kids Dove productsPhoto: Dove


Joolz Hub+

"This stroller, already launched in the UK and coming to Canada in early April, is great for city dwellers looking for something sleek and compact, but loaded with options. The swift and easy jackknife fold is key for anyone storing a stroller in a narrow hallway, car trunk, small closet, or daycare storage area. (Or a restaurant vestibule, if we ever get to dine out again!) As the spring and summer months approach, the generous recline and oversized shade hood (with mesh panels for air circulation) will be a huge plus for sanity-saving naps on the go. An easy-to-operate foot brake and generous under-stroller storage basket are also key considerations, especially if you know you're going to be out and about, running errands with baby on board—trust us, your stroller essentially becomes your pack mule. The travel system (sold separately) has a bassinet attachment or a newborn "cocoon" insert for younger babies who like to feel a bit more snug. LED lights built into the stroller frame are a cool safety feature for nighttime walks or crossing busy intersections."—Ariel Brewster, senior editor

From $879 (available for preorder March 22nd), 

stylish green stroller shown with bassinet and seat attachmentsPhoto: Joolz

Hello Unicorn Sparkle Kids Fluoride Toothpaste

"What kid wouldn't want to brush their teeth with toothpaste that tastes like candy? This naturally flavoured toothpaste is free of peroxide, sulfates, dyes, microbeads, alcohol, parabens, and gluten. But it's really the rainbow-coloured tube and unicorn-tested seal that brings my 4-year-old true joy. She actually begs me to brush her teeth with this stuff, which used to be a daily battle."—Simone Olivero, senior editor


rainbow-coloured tube of toothpastePhoto: Hello

Dr. Martens x Hello Kitty and Friends – 1460 Toddler boots

"Your kids will be the coolest cats at school when they show up wearing these adorably tough boots that feature their favourite Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty, Bad Badtz-Maru and My Melody. And if you love a matching set like we do, they're available in adult sizes too!"—Kevin John, Siazon, assistant editor

From $90,

toddler combat boots with Hello Kitty cartoon designPhoto: Dr. Martens


Nanit Smart Sheets

"If the months between paediatrician appointments seem like an eternity, you're not alone—it feels like our babies are constantly changing! Now, excited parents can track their little one's size at home with Nanit's new smart sheets, which use a clever pattern to take measurements (even if you've got a squirmer on your hands). If your first thought is that doesn't sound machine washable, same—but you can toss the crib sheets in the washer and dryer. Plus, share special growth milestones with family eager for updates."—Jessica Pollack, deputy editor


baby laying in crib with patterned sheetPhoto: Nanit

FÖRNUFTIG Air Purifier

"I'll admit I was a little skeptical when I heard that Ikea was launching an air purifier—and that it would come in under $100. The simple and sleek design is classic Ikea, and it can either be wall-mounted or freestanding. Included is a HEPA 12 filter, which claims to rid the air in your home of pollutants such as pollen and dust, or you can pick up a carbon filter ($13) to tackle odours. I installed mine in my windowless basement where I've currently set up my home office and have been blasting it on high for the last few days. While I have noticed a slight chill in the air, I also find that I'm more productive and my head feels less foggy."—Simone Olivero, senior editor

$70, available on April 1st

kids room with air purifier on the wallPhoto: Ikea Canada

The Littlest

"The Littlest is the new, exclusive line of soft, organic cotton basics for babies from Indigo, and we love the simplicity: They're machine-washable and zip up quickly (which is key for inevitable diaper explosions and half-awake late-night changes). The matching bibs, hats, zip-up sleepers, jogger pants and kimono-style bodysuit onesies come in gender-neutral, goes-with-everything colourways that are easy to pass down from kid to kid: grey, oatmeal, and charcoal stripes. Sizes 0-12 months."—Ariel Brewster, senior editor

From $12,

neutral baby sleeper and elephant hooded towelPhoto: Indigo


Philips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump

"It's been a while since Philips Avent updated their breast pumps—their last innovation was in 2017. This newest launch promises a quicker and more comfortable pumping experience with a rechargeable model that can be worn on the go and super soft silicone shields that can adapt to mom's changing nipple shape and size throughout their nursing journey."—Simone Olivero, senior editor


double breast pump out of packagingPhoto: Philips Avent

Daily Sunshine Vitamin Baby D

"Generally speaking, babies don't need supplements, but the one exception is Vitamin D, which breastfed infants should take daily, since they don't get enough of the vitamin from mom's milk alone (and they really need it for help to develop their bones and teeth). Daily Sunshine's Vitamin D drops are tasteless so baby won't have any problem accepting it, and they're also peanut free and vegetarian."—Kim Shiffman, editor-in-chief


box of liquid vitamin D drops for baby featuring Big Bird from Sesame StreetPhoto: Webber Naturals


"If you couldn't justify the $2k for the SNOO—while some parents swear by it, it's certainly one of the most expensive items on the market—the newly launched SNOObear may be more up your alley. While still pricey for a stuffy, the bear has some of the lauded features of the bassinet, including Dr. Harvey Karp-designed shush sounds. It also will respond to cries, which may save you a few nighttime wake-ups. Note: stuffy should not be left in the crib with kids under a year."—Simone Olivero, senior editor


brown bear with embedded sound machinePhoto: Happiest Baby

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