12 new baby and kid products our editors are loving this month

From TV-themed winter gear for the whole family to bedroom decor that lets kids travel with their imaginations, parents will love these new winter baby and kid launches.

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12 new baby and kid products our editors are loving this month

Photo: Columbia Sportswear

Our inboxes are flooded with the latest and greatest in new parenting products every day. From exciting new toys and clever innovations for baby to tools that help make raising kids just a little bit easier (and fun!), our editors have selected some of their favourite launches this month.

1. Reima Coffee-Bean Shimmer collection

baby bunting snowsuit Photo: Reima

"The Canadian winter is easily my least favourite time of year, so anytime I hear about winter gear designed to keep you extra warm it gets my heart pumping. You'd never know it, but the fabric in this new collection from European brand, Reima, is actually made from recycled coffee grounds. Just like drinking coffee makes us feel warm and cozy, this technology increases the coats ability to store heat. Also, the coats are just darn cute!"—Simone Olivero, Senior editor

2. Hello Bello hand sanitizer

kid-friendly hand sanitizer Photo: Hello Bello

"There are obviously a zillion different hand sanitizers available at this point (remember when it was pretty much just Purell?), but I particularly like the sanitizers from diaper and baby-care brand Hello Bello because they smell nice (even my kids agree) and they don't make my hands sticky." — Kim Shiffman, Editor-in-chief


3. Bravado Designs Original Pumping and Nursing bra

nursing and pumping bra in black Photo: Bravado

"I was a dedicated hands-free pumper with both my kids, living long stretches where the unmistakable hum of the Medela Freestyle was the soundtrack to my family's life. With my son, I was using a sports bra with holes cut out of the nipples and it quickly started to sag as I challenged it to join me for ever-more-rigorous chores. Then it was Bravado's Clip and Pump attachment, which clipped onto my nursing bras to firmly hold the two flanges (a.k.a cone thingies) in place. But the brand's latest bra is definitely the 'piece de resistance'—a two-in-one pumping and nursing design that doesn't require you to fumble with too many clips when you're already in mom-bie mode. The cross-over style pairs a nursing layer and a pumping layer to adapt to your ever-changing needs throughout the day and its soft, breathable cotton-modal won't irritate sore nipples. Oh, and it's cute and sporty. Sold!" — Jessica Pollack, Deputy editor

4. Cubo Ai Plus smart monitor

smart phone next to bird-shaped baby monitor Photo: Cubo Ai


"The unique bird-shaped camera was the first thing that caught my eye when I heard about this new smart monitor. But beyond the adorable design, this handy app-enabled monitor comes in three configurations (crib-mounted, floor-mounted or perched on a nearby shelf) making it easy to work with whatever nursery set-up you have. It also has standout features that can detect if baby has rolled over, if it's face is covered, if the room is too hot or humid and a specific alert for crying versus general room noise."—Simone Olivero, Senior editor

5. Ovry

colourful boxes with ovulation and pregnancy test strips Photo: Ovry

"Ovry is elevating your typical drug store ovulation-and-pregnancy test strips with cute packaging (mint green and millennial pink!) and selling them in convenient combo packs mailed straight to your house: in the small Combo Box ($16) you get two pregnancy test strips (which measure the HCG levels in your urine) and three ovulation detection tests per box (which measure your LH levels), plus a small plastic cup that looks like a medicine cup. Results should show up in 5 minutes (for pregnancy) and 10 minutes (for ovulation tracking). If you’re pregnant, two pink lines show up on the strip: there’s no digital display readouts or plastic waste."—Ariel Brewster, Senior editor

Kits from $14,

6. Jane Goodall Institute x Crate and Kids collection

Jane Goodall-themed play tent with safari accessories Photo: Crate & Kids

"I love a good collaboration and Crate & Kids is at it again with this wildlife-themed collection in partnership with The Jane Goodall Institute. There's a wide range of chairs, pillows, blankets and sleeping bags, but I'm partial to this adorable play tent that will transport your little ones to the field where they can conduct very important research."—Simone Olivero, Senior editor

7. Trevor & Wilfred Loop Mittens

hot pink mittens with pull-on loops Photo: Trevor & Wilfred

"The most clever kid products always seem to be invented by parents and the Loop Mittens by Trevor and Wilfred are a perfect example. Finally, mittens that kids can put on by themselves, even toddlers! The mitts provide a permanent loop on each hand for kids to grab, trouble-free. The loops also make it easy for the kids to hang the mittens up to dry. GENIUS." — Kim Shiffman, Editor-in-chief


8. Duracell lithium coin batteries

batteries with kid-protective coating Photo: Duracell

"’Tis the season for stocking up on bulk packs of batteries for all the new toys coming into your house (you don’t want to disappoint the kids on Christmas morning). Duracell has a new lithium coin battery with a bitter-tasting coating that discourages small children from swallowing them. (Hundreds of lithium coin batteries are accidentally ingested each year, primarily by kids under age six.) We’re all for anything that prevents choking hazards and helps us avoid trips to the emergency room."—Ariel Brewster, Senior editor


three bottle of face cleansers Photo: P{H}ASE SKIN

"I don't know about you, but I can practically tell what part of my cycle I'm in based on my skin. (Am I my own ovulation tracker? Maybe.) Right before my period I get a cystic pimple on my chin and a few other friends join the party, fanning out to my forehead and cheeks. By the time I'm ovulating my skin is glowy and clear. And so the cycle goes. So why doesn't my skincare follow suit? Enter P{H}ASE, Canada's first line of organic, non-toxic skin products designed to mirror the ebb and flow of our hormones. Phase {1}, a repair serum used for seven to nine days during your period, puts the focus on nourishing hydration (courtesy of ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C). Once you move on to ovulation and estrogen levels rise, Phase {2}'s Glow Exfoliating Solution (a blend of acids, vitamins and botanical extracts) spends eight days naturally exfoliating your skin as it creeps back to its peak glow. Finally, a rebalancing cream takes over for nine days in Phase {3}, when rising testosterone and progesterone levels can result in oilier, more acne-prone skin. If my diet cycles to meet the needs of my hormones (specifically, my chip habit), why shouldn't my skincare do the same? And it doesn't end with your period—the brand also offers a Menopause Serum for once aunt flow has left the building." — Jessica Pollack, Deputy editor 



10. Knix Cozzzy Collection

flat lay of cozy knitwear for women Photo: Knix

"I've been living in my cozy sweats from this new Knix collection. (Seriously, I'm wearing them as I write this.) The perfect WFH companion, the cozy separates feel like the fluffy inside of a new hoodie before it's been washed. There are also cute pjs, robes, a scarf and a blanket."—Simone Olivero, Senior editor

from $35,

11. NutriBullet Baby Turbo Steamer

steamer and baby with baby food Photo: NutriBullet Baby


"Not only is this steamer super cute (look at its little face!), it truly does it all. You can use it to cook your own baby food, defrost frozen baby food (big win!) and sterilize bottles, utensils and toys. Plus it's super fast and dishwasher safe!"—Kevin John Siazon, Assistant editor

12. Columbia Sportswear The Mandalorian exclusive collection

man and child in Star Wars themed clothing Photo: Columbia Sportswear

"If you've been loving season 2 of The Mandolorian like I have, you'll want to take a look at these awesome jackets inspired by the hit show. The adult gear is just subtle enough to only be noticeable by fellow fans and the kids' options are just beyond adorable. What Star Wars fan wouldn't want to dress their baby up as Baby Yoda? (I know, its name is technically The Child or—spoiler!—Grogu, but I like saying Baby Yoda, okay?)"—Kevin John Siazon, Assistant editor

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