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Video: How to play Swampland

Learn how to play this fun, active family game, which encourages strategic thinking and fundamental movement skills like jumping and balance.

Photo: Graeme O'Neil

Looking to get your kids off the couch and moving their bodies?

Swampland is a fun game that the whole family can play.

Create lily pads using items found around the house, an old sheet cut up or something purchased inexpensively. (We used foam Easter eggs bought at the dollar store. Scatter them into a course formation in a large room, the backyard or a local park. Then line up and begin hopping from lily pad to lily pad, trying not to “fall into the swamp.”

Even babes-in-arms can participate via a carrier, wrap or sling to support mom or dad’s safe hold. Big kids can make the course more challenging by increasing spaces in between lily pads. Play some music to add to the fun. Watch our video below to see how easy and fun it is!

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