How to make simple craft stick dolls

These adorable dolls use craft sticks, washi tape and scraps of fabric. They're so easy to make, even your youngest crafter can handle the project. Decorate a shoe box to store them in between play sessions.

Level of difficulty: Quick and easy
Age range: 2+ with help
Safety first: Young crafters can use safety scissors and washable markers
The takeaway: With so many electronic toys, it’s nice to get back to basics with a simple doll. Imaginative play is a great way to develop language and social skills and these are so easy to make, you’ll have a collection in no time.

You’ll need:
craft sticks
washable markers
safety or regular scissors
washi tape
tulle, fabric scraps and fake flowers, optional

Step 1
Make the base of your outfit by sticking washi tape on the craft stick, play with pattern and colour as you layer it on. Simply folding the tape over the end will make a great hat. Notch out triangles to make a crown.

Step 2
Add bits of fabric or an upside-down silk flower to make skirts and dresses. Use washi tape to secure. Get creative by adding glitter or sequins. If you don’t have any fabric scraps, simply wrap washi tape around the craft stick to create clothes.

Step 3
Use a marker to draw on faces and feet. You can get a lot of personality with a few simple lines.

Wow, these craft sticks are ballroom-ready in their fancy garb. If you want to take this craft one step further, decorate a shoe box to store them in for future play, or set up a puppet theatre and put on a show.

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