How to make a giant yarn-wrapped letter

Make this easy yarn-wrapped letter wall hanging in no time. It looks amazing in a kids' room or boho-inspired nursery.

Level of difficulty: Quick and easy
Age range: 4+ (this is also a fun adult craft)
Younger crafters can use stickers or paint to decorate if the wrapping is too cumbersome.
Safety first: If your cardboard is extra thick, an adult may need to cut it with a utility knife. Kids can use safety scissors for the wrapping materials.
The takeaway: This craft makes you think about letter shapes and geometry. Kids can get a brain workout by practicing their ruler skills and figuring out the proportions of the letter form. We also love this  boho craft for grown-ups. Wouldn’t it look perfect in a nursery?

colourful yarn, twine and other string materials

You’ll need:
stuff to wrap: washi tape, yarn, plastic lace, twine, embroidery floss
a ruler
a pencil
scissors or a utility knife (safety scissors for kids)
a hole punch
a large piece of cardboard, bristol board or foam core

Step 1
Using a large piece of cardboard (or whatever sturdy material you’ve chosen), draw out a letter form. Use your ruler to get straight lines and measure the proportions (see, your teacher was right, you do still need math). Think of your letter as a series of shapes. For curvy letters like ‘O’ or ‘P,’ you can square the rounded bits so your letter looks more blocky, think varsity-style.

Step 2
Now for the fun part! Start wrapping your letter with different materials. We started with washi tape, it goes on quickly and makes it easy to block off sections.

Step 3
Continue taping and wrapping with yarn and other materials until you have as much or as little of the letter covered as you like. Add tassels or pompoms to break up the design and add visual interest. The world is your oyster.

Pop two holes in the top of your letter and thread some twine through to make a wall hanging. Think of all the possibilities—you could spell out a name or word to make a big impact on a wall, or make a tiny one to give as a gift. That’s a wrap!

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