How to a make Northern Lights mason jar lantern

The dancing Northern Lights are a sight to behold, create your own at home with this simple mason jar lantern.

Level of difficulty: Easy peasy
Age range: 3+
Kids can do all the steps involved, but it’s a fun craft for adults to do, too.
Safety first: Use an LED tealight for these.
The takeaway: Our mason jar lanterns are inspired by the magical Aurora Borealis of Canada’s north. It’s a great opportunity to talk to kids about nature while looking up at the night sky with lantern close by, of course. These are also perfect for a summer night outside.

You’ll need:
coloured tissue paper
white glue or craft sealer like Mod Podge
a mason jar
an LED tealight
pipe cleaners

Step 1
Tear your tissue paper into strips. There’s no right or wrong way to do this task, any size or shape will work.

Step 2
Apply glue to the base of the outside of your jar and start affixing tissue paper. For the Northern Lights effect, work your way up with light to dark colours.

Step 3
Once you reach the top, seal the tissue paper with a final coat of glue or Mod Podge. Don’t fret, it dries clear.

Step 4
For a final touch, add a handle to your lantern. Twist two colours of pipe cleaner together and secure to the neck of the jar with a third piece. Twist all the ends to secure.

Plop in your LED tealight, head outside and watch the colours dance. Plus, it’s like a little portable campfire you can take to the park or the beach.

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