17 holiday crafts kids can make

Keep kids busy over the holidays with these cute and easy crafts that they can make themselves.

17 holiday crafts kids can make

Holiday crafts kids can make

Clay ornaments

Get creative this holiday and dress up your tree with these handmade christmas ornaments made from clay. They make great gifts, too. Get the instructions

clay ornaments painted in the shape of a tree and candy canePhoto: Tony Lanz

Felt holly pin

This beautiful craft is simple and teaches kids how to sew on a button. Life skills! Pin to a coat or sweater to feel instantly festive (it also makes a great DIY gift for teacher). Get the instructions:

17 holiday crafts kids can makePhoto: Wild Olive


DIY recycled votive

We’re the biggest fans of recycled crafts and with all the extra recycling that comes with this entertainment-heavy season, why not turn that plastic into holiday votives? These would also look great for New Year’s Eve–just make sure an adult does the cutting. Get the instructions:

colourful candle voltive made from plastic bottlesPhoto: Handmade Charlotte

Popsicle stick snowflakes

These snowflakes are all unique (like the real ones) and can be made big or small. This craft uses hot glue–which dries super-fast–but you can also use white glue. Paint and display or dole out as gifts. Get the instructions:

intricate snowflakes made from popsicle sticksPhoto: Sugar Bee Crafts

Metallic garland

Deck the halls with something sparkly this Christmas. This DIY garland is made with bow tie pasta, and is a great gift the kids can make. Get the instructions

bowtie pasta spray painted metallic and string on twine for garlandPhoto: Tony Lanz


DIY paper menorah

Make a colourful menorah from cereal boxes. You might have already guessed that we love to recycle. Get the instructions:

17 holiday crafts kids can makePhoto: Creative Jewish Mom

Rustic Christmas tree

Sometimes the simplest crafts are the cutest. This rustic-inspired Christmas tree craft is easy for little hands to make, and it it makes for a sweet personal holiday gift. Get the instructions

ornament of a tree made from ribbonPhoto: Tony Lanz

Clothespin people ornaments

Kids will love making this adorable craft (and you will, too). If you don’t have old-fashioned wooden clothes pins, don’t fret, you can follow our craft stick doll craft  and add string to turn them into ornaments. Get the instructions:

17 holiday crafts kids can makePhoto: The House that Lars Built


Pearler bead Hanukkah play cookies

Here is a great craft for Hanukkah week. It challenges little crafters to get creative, plus it’s kind of relaxing. When done, display on the table or string up into a mobile. Get the instructions:

Table with Hanukkah-inspired perler bead craftsPhoto: Creative Jewish Mom

Neon pinecone nametag holder

Granted, the kids version of these may not be quite as neat and tidy, but they will take great pride in contributing to the holiday tablescape. It’s a great conversation piece over dinner, too. Get the instructions:

Pinecone with painted tips holding a name cardPhoto: Camille Styles

Kid artwork for giftwrap

This activity is double-duty—it keeps the kids busy and you get gift wrap out of it. If you want to make it #extra, stamp the paper first and let kids colour in the shapes. Get the instructions:

17 holiday crafts kids can make


Christmas tree baubles

Who knew corrugated cardboard could be so festive? These DIY Christmas tree baubles are a great way to get the kids involved with holiday decorating. Get the instructions

twisted cardboard ornamentsPhoto: Tony Lanz

DIY felt ball garland

Making felt balls from scratch is a great tactile activity to improve fine motor skills but you can also find these premade in craft and dollar stores. Pick up colourful beads and yarn while you’re there. Get the instructions:

17 holiday crafts kids can makePhoto: Hello, Wonderful

Felt play Christmas tree

Maybe if you make a play tree, your toddler will leave your real tree alone. Too good to be true? Probably, but it’s still adorable and fun. Get the instructions:

17 holiday crafts kids can makePhoto: Pepper Design Blog


Elf pinecones

Your little elves will love making these adorable pine cone decorations this Christmas. Give them as gifts, or place them around the house for extra holiday cheer. Get the instructions

ornament made from pinecones to look like peoplePhoto: Tony Lanz

Holiday party activity tray

Keep the little ones busy during holiday parties or meals with this genius idea. Choose your supplies wisely or grandpa may end up with marker on his shoes. You don’t need a fancy ceramic egg tray, a paper one or a muffin tin works just fine. Get the instructions:

Egg carton with supplies like bells, playdoh, washi tape and twinePhoto: Hello Splendid

Egg carton wreath

Let’s take that boring painted paper plate wreath that comes home from school to a new level. This crafter used a craft floral ring but you can still use that paper plate and paint or tape on the striped design. So easy, but actually pretty stylish. Get the instructions:

17 holiday crafts kids can makePhoto: Made with Happy

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