15 fun and easy back-to-school crafts

Hitting the books is fun with the promise of these cute and easy back-to-school crafts.

By Mandy Milks

15 fun and easy back-to-school crafts

Easy back-to-school crafts

Jazz up your school supplies

With a few crafty bits and pieces, kids can personalize all their school supplies. It’s a fun project and makes it easy for kid’s to identify their stuff. Get the instructions here

pencil case covered in pompoms and pencil with felt star toppers

Paint your pencils (and add cute phrases)

This craft makes a great gift for a new student or even a teacher. It’s a good excuse to practise printing. Get the instructions:

pastel pencils with sayings written on themPhoto: Hello Glow

Make a bookmark

This list wouldn’t be complete without the ubiquitous craft stick pencil bookmark. These are adorable and a fun way to mark your place in a tome of a textbook. Get the instructions:

popsicle sticks painted to look like pencilsPhoto: Crafts by Amanda

Make a safety bracelet

A fieldtrip bracelet is a great way to tag your kid with their phone number in case they get lost from the pack. We made it with fun beads that look super cute. Not feeling that crafty? Marker on a duct tape band works just as well. Get the instructions here

bracelet with number beads

Make a calming jar

For many kids, going back to school can be a source of anxiety and stress. This calming jar is relaxing to make and is a sweet distraction to keep on hand when the days get tough. Hint hint: It works for stressed out parents, too. Get the instructions here

jars filled with water and glitter

Learn to tie shoelaces

Since they probably shouldn’t wear velcro sneakers forever, here’s a fun way to help kids learn to tie their shoes. The largescale size helps with developing motor skills. Get full instructions here

cardboard shoe to teach how to tie shoelaces

Make a desktop caddy

This variation of the classic caddy uses cereal boxes. Just cut three to different heights, wrap in pretty paper and glue together. Throw some toilet paper rolls in to act as dividers. Everything you need is in one spot, ready for homework (no excuse, kid!). Get the instructions here

desk caddy made from boxes

Decorate pencil holders

We love a good recycled craft! Turn those tins into bright pencil holders with a little duct tape. Get the instructions:

tins covered with colourful tape holding markers and crayonsPhoto: Minted

Build a time capsule

Back to school is the perfect time to talk about the future and build a little time capsule together. You may be surprised at how your kid curates the items inside. Get the instructions here

time capsule covered in tissue paper that reads

Splatter your sneakers

Trendy sneakers are expensive, but this is a fun way to primp affordable canvas ones. Just make sure you cover your work surface, this craft gets a little messy. Get the instructions here

sneakers with splattered paint and felt fringe

Feed an alphabet monster

This craft uses upcycles household items in a clever way. Little kids can practise the alphabet in preparation for school by plopping letters into the hungry monster’s mouth. It’s so fun, they won’t even realize they’re learning. Get the instructions:

craft made from a diaper wipe containerPhoto: I Can Teach My Child

Make a morning routine chart

Grab your craft supplies and make this easy routine chart to meet your needs. We laminated ours but you could use packing tape. Pompoms glued to Velcro dots are easy for little hands to move around. Not feeling crafty, download a premade chart here

handmade chore chart with pompoms

Practice telling time

What time is it, Mr. Wolf? It’s time to learn how to read a clock. This craft is easy to make (and comes with the promise of pizza because you need the box). Once you make your clock, start working on those skills, they will serve him well in the classroom. Old school rules! Get the instructions:

handmade cardboard clockPhoto: Mer Mag

Embellish your shoes

We couldn’t help ourselves and started coming up with ways to makeover all the canvas shoes we could find. Here’s a less messy alternative to the splatter paint sneaker. Decorate the shoe with a fabric marker then affix a fluffy pompom to the back. Get the instructions here

sneakers with colourful pompoms glued to the black

Make a piñata

Go ahead and celebrate the return of schedules and routine. You can make this giant retro eraser piñata with minimal supplies. There is one catch, though, you need to recall math class and draw a parallelogram. No problem, right? Get the instructions:

pink piñata shaped like an eraserPhoto: Handmade Charlotte

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This article was originally published on Aug 18, 2018