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10 outdoor birthday party ideas

Celebrate your kid's birthday outside with these fun themes, complete with invitations, crafts and food ideas.

10 outdoor birthday party ideas

Photo: Roberto Caruso

10 outdoor birthday party ideas

Carnival party

Corndogs and cotton candy, what more could a kid want? Turn your backyard into a game-filled party both kids and parents can enjoy! Start planning: Carnival party 

Child standing in front of a wall of bags of popcornPhoto: Tony Lanz

Tea party

Pinkies up! Break out the picnic tables or lay down a blanket on the grass and enjoy a tea party. Play a few rounds of Pass the Teapot and then it’s time to make floral hats. Start planning: Tea party 

A spread for a Tea partyPhoto: Geoffrey Ross


Pineapple party

Give your kid’s party a tropical flair with this pineapple party. Use our template to make the perfect pineapple party hat and have your guests dress in yellow and green to complete the look! And when it’s time for dessert, serve up Pineapple Pops. Start planning: Pineapple party

A table spread for a pineapple partyPhoto: Tony Lanz

Drive-in party

Opt for a night under the stars with a drive-in party. Park your guests in the backyard (no cars necessary) and set up your kid’s favourite movies. Don’t forget the popcorn! Start planning: Drive-in party 

Two kids sitting in cardboard cars for an outdoor moviePhoto: Roberto Caruso

Garden party

Get outside for this horticulture-themed party. Your little bug will love all the dirt-filled activities and flower treats. Start planning: Garden party

Two kids standing in front of a white wall covered in leaves and toy bugsPhoto: Tony Lanz


Raindrop party

Turn a cloudy situation into a fun-filled rain-themed party. No water needed—just decorate with cloud and raindrop cutouts! Start planning: Raindrop party 

Table spread for a raindrop partyPhoto: Tony Lanz

Cottage party

It’s the perfect “getaway” without all the “Are we there yets” and mosquito bites. Fire up the grill and bring the cottage to you, complete with a trail mix station! Start planning: Cottage party

Jars full of treats for a make your own trail mix bar for a Cottage themed partyPhoto: Tony Lanz

Western party

Turn your backyard into the Wild West with this hoedown. Grab your little cowboys and cowgirls and get ready for some horsin’ around. Plus, BBQ with all the fixins! Start planning: Western party 

Two kids dressed as cowboys getting juice at a booth with a sign that says The Watering HolePhoto: Tony Lanz


Woodland party

Little party animals will love this fun woodland party. It’s best done outside for a more realistic feel. Plus, you save money on decorations! Start planning: Woodland party 

Outdoor table spread for a woodland forest partyPhoto: Aria Bethards

Hawaiian party

Escape to the islands with our Hawaiian-themed party! Lay down towels and decorate with flowers and seashells to create a tropical oasis in your backyard. Start planning: Hawaiian party

Glasses of blue punch with little umbrellas in front of a garland made to look like a Hawaiian leiPhoto: Tony Lanz
This article was originally published on Jul 05, 2016

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