Birthday parties

Birthday party ideas: Woodland theme

Throw an enchanting outdoor soiree that will inspire wonder and whimsy in your wild things.


This fuss-free party is easy to plan and a cinch to set up. Whether you choose to host the event at a park or in your backyard, you can easily transform the space into a woodland wonderland with just a few simple touches. A piece of tulle hung from a tree and draped over a picnic table is the perfect setting for this party. Keep your table decor simple with a piece of burlap for the tablecloth, gingham napkins and eco-friendly bamboo plates and cutlery. A few cute critters and garden gnomes peeking out from behind the trees and hiding behind rocks will add to the charm; let nature do the rest!

Creature-inspired treats are sure to please your crowd. Serve toadstool mushrooms (marshmallows dipped in red icing and white sprinkles), caterpillar kebabs (grapes on wooden skewers) and “gnome-made” trail mix (a collection of pretzels, cereal, sunflower seeds and dried fruit).

In case of rain, be prepared to move the fun inside. Plan games like Pin the Tail on the Fawn, Woodland Bingo and Wise Owl Says, which can be played indoors or out.


Dessert: For the perfect outdoor-themed treat, try our Woodland Cake >


Treasure hunters: Send kids hunting for objects found in nature, like leaves, feathers and stones. A simple list works best for young kids, but tricky riddles will be more fun for older ones.


Home tweet home: Purchase a mini wooden birdhouse for each child (available at your local craft or dollar store) and let the kids decorate them with non-toxic paint and markers.


Act it out: Kids love pretending to be different animals, so charades is the perfect woodland party game.


Loot bag: Cut out two pieces of fabric in the shape of a bunny. Glue together at the bottom and sides. Use a marker to draw on the face and line the ears with a complementary colour of fabric. Fill with stickers and toys, and tie with a piece of yarn.


A version of this article appeared in our September 2013 issue with the headline, "Woodland party", p. 26.

This article was originally published on Aug 20, 2013

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