Birthday parties

Throwing a drive-in party!

Turn your kid into the star of the show with a drive-in party right in your backyard.

By Sadiya Dendar

Roll out the red carpet for a night that's sure to have your child feeling like a star. This unique bash will be a blockbuster for both little and big kids and it’s an easy set-up for parents. You can even download the template for these great invitations.


Use a thick, white cloth, such as a roller blind or shower curtain, for your screen. Hang it up against a wall, fence, or between two trees. Rent or borrow a projector that you can hook up to a laptop to play the film. (Make sure to keep any cords tucked away to avoid trips and tumbles.)

To set a cinematic scene, print out photos of the birthday boy and his friends and glue them onto star-shaped card stock. Hang the stars around the backyard for a “celeb-studded” walk of fame.


Once the kids arrive, have them paint their cardboard cars. While the cars dry (about 15 minutes), set out paper and crayons so they can create their very own movie posters. Then send them over to the “concession stand” to pick out their treats before settling in for the feature presentation. Tip: Run a half-hour show for younger kids with shorter attention spans.


When it’s time to wrap up the show, hand out popcorn buckets as party favours. Fill them up with stickers, toy cars and candy.

Pre-show Before the screening begins, get your crowd excited with some fun movie trivia. Ask big kids questions about popular movies. For little kids, show them images and have them identify the movie or character pictured.

Movie munchies Set up a concession stand with popcorn, candy and drinks. Give each child play money to buy treats before the film starts.


Bear-y sweet Cut your cake (or brownie) into small rectangles. Frost the top. Use icing to stick on round candies as the wheels; cut one in half for the steering wheel. Push in a teddy graham for the driver.


This article originally appeared in our July 2012 issue under the headline "Drive-in party" (p. 24).

This article was originally published on Jun 13, 2012

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