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4 easy balloon decoration ideas

Balloons are a party staple, but instead of just randomly sticking them to walls or chairs, try one of these clever DIYs. Creating tons of impact with balloons is easier than you think.

4 easy balloon decoration ideas

Photo: Erik Putz

4 balloon decoration ideas

DIY number wall

Those large metallic Mylar number balloons are very trendy but can be pretty expensive. Create the same large-scale impact with regular balloons. Just tape them to the wall, using a single colour for more of a graphic punch. Scrunch up coffee filters (yep, coffee filters!) to look like flowers and fill in the gaps between the balloons.

Big number 3 made of balloons and coffee filtersPhoto: Erik Putz

Letter sticker balloons

Delight each guest with a personalized balloon, created by adhering big letter stickers to an oversized balloon. Bonus: The balloon can take the place of a loot bag.

little boy holding a balloonPhoto: Erik Putz


Ombré balloon garland

Blow up some small balloons and tie each one to a long piece of ribbon. Slide them around to even it out. Adorable!

blue balloon garlandPhoto: Erik Putz

DIY confetti balloons

You can buy a kit, but they’re so expensive. To make confetti balloons yourself, buy some clear balloons and packs of confetti (or just chop up some tissue paper). Attach the end of a clear balloon to a funnel. Push the confetti into the balloon using a straw. Blow up the balloon as you normally would or take it to a party store to be filled with helium.

balloon filled with confettiPhoto: Erik Putz

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