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How to make a cereal box pinata

Save some cash and have some fun with this super simple DIY pinata. All you need is an empty cereal box and some tissue paper.

How to make a cereal box pinata

Turn an empty cereal box into a party game by making your own pinata. Here’s how.

Tip: Make sure to buy individually wrapped treats. Unwrapped candy will end up on the dirty floor. Yuck!

cereal box that has been cut

1. Cut out the front and back of a cereal box. Cover the hole by taping a piece of printer paper.

strips of tissue paper

2.  Cut stacks of coloured tissue paper into 3- to 5-in. long strips and then snip to create fringes.

homemade pinata with tissue paper

3. Wrap box with tissue paper layers and then tape on fringe using double-sided tape.

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This article was originally published on Mar 01, 2016

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