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How to throw a monster party

Little ghouls and boys will gobble up the sprinkle doughnuts at this bash, but make sure the decor and activities are spooky, too.

Serve: Beastly brew Let the little monsters slurp up some foamy green potion. Find our recipe for Slithering Green Slime Juice here. To make it extra frightful, attach large googly eyes to the punch bowl and serve with squiggle straws.

Activity: Monster Factory
Cut out different construction paper shapes: small circles for eyes, long triangles for horns and teeth. Make lots of each, so kids can mix and match. Display the shapes along with pipe cleaners, paper plates, googly eyes, markers and glue sticks, and let your guests build their own monsters on a cardstock background, Frankenstein style. Third eyes and extra appendages are encouraged.

Loot: Bubble trouble Here’s an easy, affordable take-home gift for all your guests: mini bubble containers from a dollar store, each customized with a couple of googly eyes glued to the top of the lid. (Pro tip: Googly eyes are the key to making anything and everything more monstrous!)

A version of this article appeared in our October 2016 issue with the headline “Monster party,” p. 18.

This article was originally published on Sep 15, 2016

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