Toddler development

Milestone checklist for toddlers

Worried your toddler is lagging behind? Consult our milestones checklist, courtesy of the paediatric-approved Nipissing District Development Screen.

By Today's Parent

toddler milestones Photo: iStockphoto

The Nipissing District Developmental Screen is a checklist designed to help monitor your child’s development.

By 18 months of age, does your child:

• Identify pictures in a book? (“show me the baby”)*

• Use a variety of familiar gestures? (waving, pushing, giving, reaching up)*

• Follow directions using “on” and “under”? (“put the cup on the table”)*

• Make at least four different consonant sounds? (b, n, d, h, g, w)*

• Point to at least three different body parts when asked? (“where is your nose?”)*

• Say 20 or more words? (words do not have to be clear)

• Hold a cup to drink?**

• Pick up and eat finger food?

• Help with dressing by putting out arms and legs?**

• Walk up a few stairs holding your hand?

• Walk alone?

• Squat to pick up a toy and stand back up without falling?

• Push and pull toys or other objects while walking forward?

• Stack three or more blocks?

• Show affection towards people, pets, or toys?

• Point to show you something?

• Look at you when you are talking or playing together?

*Examples provided are only examples. You may use similar examples from your family experience.

**Item may not be common to all cultures.

This article was originally published on Mar 10, 2014