5 fun games to play at the park

Try out these fun and active games the next time you head to the park with the kids!

Kids playing park games, sardines

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1. Sardines
This is a variation on hide-and-seek. One person hides while all the other players cover their eyes and count. When one of the seekers finds the hider, he quietly joins him. Soon everyone is crammed into the hiding spot and the game ends.

2. Blob tag
When the person who is “It” tags someone, they join hands and chase the others together. Eventually you have a whole group of people (the Blob) chasing one or two. The game ends when the Blob has absorbed everyone.

Kids playing park games, blob tag

Photo: iStockphoto

3. Frozen tag
When the person who is “It” tags you, you must freeze in your exact position. Frozen people can be freed if another player crawls through their legs. The game ends when everyone is frozen.

Little girl playing park games, frozen tag

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4. Captain of the ship
The Captain calls out orders, and any child who makes a mistake is “out” (or can become a shark and try to tag other players and get them out). You can make up some of your own orders, but go over the list with the players first. Typical ones: to the ship (everyone runs to the swings, climber or whatever is the ship); hit the deck (all lie down on their stomachs); the love boat (grab a partner and dance); captain’s quarters (run to the Captain); periscope up (everyone lies on their backs and sticks up one leg); shark attack (run to the island before sharks tags you); port (run to the left); starboard (run to the right).

Kids playing park games, captain of the ship

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5. Hide the button
One person hides a button or other small object in the park. The others search for it, with the hider giving clues by saying, “You’re getting warmer,” as they get close to the hidden item, or “You’re getting colder,” as they get further away.

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