How to make a gift-wrapped tube for holiday baking

Present your freshly baked treats in this cute treat tube. It's the perfect wintertime craft for little ones.

By Laura Branson
How to make a gift-wrapped tube for holiday baking

Photo: Ryan Szulc

Cute craft for homemade treats

Great for gifting homemade crackers

For a great gift, whip up our Cheddar and Thyme Coins and recruit your kids to help decorate a festive treat tube.

homemade crackers in gift wrapPhoto: Ryan Szulc


Here’s what you’ll need:

paper towel or toilet paper roll, bark-patterned, paper, scissors, spray glue, X-acto knife, twig, bird, ornament with clip, pine cone, glitter, Cellophane

craft supplies to make a decorated toilet paper tubePhoto: Ryan Szulc


Step 1

If using paper towel roll, cut in half. Cut out a 15-cm x 10-cm piece of paper. Spray roll with glue; wrap in paper.

craft supplies, paper towel roll, scissors and gluePhoto: Ryan Szulc

Step 2

Poke a hole with X-acto knife on each side of roll, about 2 cm from bottom. Push twig through holes and clip bird on.

decorated paper towel roll craftPhoto: Ryan Szulc


Spray pine cone with glue; sprinkle on glitter. Wrap coins in Cellophane; seal with tape. Place in roll; top with pine cone.

Add a special printable gift tag.

supplies needed to make gift wrap for bakingPhoto: Ryan Szulc

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This article was originally published on Nov 09, 2012

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