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What's coming to Amazon Prime Video Canada in November 2018

Looking for something new to watch after the kids go to sleep? Check out what's coming to Amazon Prime Video in November 2018

What's coming to Amazon Prime Video Canada in November 2018

Homecoming, Photo: Amazon Prime Video Canada

November 1:

McLeod’s Daughters

Synopsis: The McLeod sisters are reunited when they inherit a vast outback cattle property. After 20 years apart, they pull together an all-female workforce with an abundance of heart and humour, and commit to an extraordinary life at Drovers Run.

The Trial: A Murder in The Family

Synopsis: The five-part series follows a fictional court case in which university lecturer Simon Davis (Michael Gould) is tried for the murder of his wife, in an attempt to recreate an accurate portrayal of an English legal trial. The prosecuting counsel, defence counsel and judge featured in the series are real professionals; and the jury is made up of twelve members of the British public.

The Surreal Life

Synopsis: A number of C-list celebs move into a Hollywood mansion, where their day-to-day lives are filmed as they fend for themselves (no cars, no cell phones) and learn to get along with each other… or not.

The Force

Synopsis: The brave men and women of the police force put their lives on the line every day to make our world a safer place and protect us from crime. We hear about the risks of their jobs but rarely do we see the challenges they face on a daily basis.

The Honeymooners Specials: The Valentine Special

Synopsis: Alice Kramden secretly plans to buy husband Ralph a suit for Valentine’s Day, but Ralph thinks she’s sizing him up for a coffin after he finds incriminating items, including a life-insurance policy. Believing Alice is seeing another man, Ralph gets pal Ed Norton to join him undercover, dressed in drag.

The Honeymooners Specials: Second Honeymoon


Synopsis: On the Kramden’s 25th wedding anniversary, Ralph plans to remarry Alice in a special ceremony at the Raccoon Lodge. However, the festivities become overshadowed when Ralph believes Alice is pregnant and old pal Ed Norton begins to teach him how to take care of a baby.

November 2:


Synopsis: A mind-bending psychological thriller starring Julia Roberts and directed by Sam Esmail (creator of Mr. Robot). Heidi Bergman (Roberts) is a caseworker at the Homecoming Transitional Support Center, a Geist Group facility helping soldiers transition back to civilian life. Walter Cruz (Stephan James) is one of these soldiers, eager to begin the next phase of his life. Overseeing Heidi and the facility is Colin Belfast (Bobby Canavale), an ambitious company man whose manic demands point to questionable motives. Four years later, Heidi has started a new life, living with her mother (Sissy Spacek) and working as a small-town waitress, when a Department of Defense auditor (Shea Whigham) comes to her with questions about why she left the Homecoming facility. Heidi begins to realize that there’s a whole other story behind the story she’s been telling herself.

November 5:

Midsomer Murders

Synopsis: A veteran DC Inspector (John Nettles, Bergerac) and his young sergeant (Daniel Casey, EastEnders) investigate murders around the regional community of Midsomer County in this classic UK mystery series.

Madonna: Sticky & Sweet Tour

Synopsis: A two-hour live-recorded concert from Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour.

Muse: Live from Rome Olympic Stadium

Synopsis: This concert features the most extravagant set build and spectacular stage show of any Muse tour to date.

Stevie Nicks: Live in Chicago


Synopsis: Soundstage captures Stevie Nicks in her first filmed solo performance since 1987. Live In Chicago includes all the timeless Nicks songs from her solo projects as well as songs written while Nicks was member of the legendary group Fleetwood Mac.

November 6:

Odds Are…

Synopsis: Three college students play a challenge game that erupts into a nightmare, and find themselves caught in an unpredictable web of deceit and survival.

ATP Next Gen Finals

Synopsis: Be sure to tune in for the Association of Tennis Professionals Next Generation Finals match, live streaming from Milan, Italy (until November 10).

November 9:

StartUp, season 3

Synopsis: In the all-new 10-episode season of StartUp, friends will be fighting it out for power and will be threatened by what might be the most dangerous criminal organization of all: the U.S. government. Joining the talented ensemble this season are Academy Award-winner and guest star Mira Sorvino, as NSA Agent Rebecca Stroud, who has come to investigate ArakNet. Zachary Knighton (Santa Clarita Diet), Tyler Labine (DeadbeatTucker and Dale vs. Evil), Jason Kravits (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) and Allison Dunbar (Quick Draw), have also signed on for season three.

Patriot, season 2

Synopsis: John must make a choice at the train platform—be free from his obligations and adversaries by letting Agathe take the money or pursue her, at great risk to himself, in an effort to protect his brother, father and country. Meanwhile, his father presents a perilous way out of it all: find and assassinate Cantar Walley in Paris.

Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far on Foot


Synopsis: On the rocky path to sobriety after a life-changing accident, John Callahan discovers the healing power of art, willing his injured hands into drawing hilarious, often controversial cartoons, which bring him a new lease on life.

November 16:


Synopsis: The iron-fisted Akhandanand Tripathi is a millionaire carpet exporter and the mafia don of Mirzapur. His son, Munna, is an unworthy, power hungry heir who will stop at nothing to inherit his father’s legacy. An incident at a wedding procession forces him to cross paths with Ramakant Pandit, an upstanding lawyer, and his sons, Guddu and Bablu. It snowballs into a game of ambition, power and greed that threatens the fabric of this lawless city.

The Gymkhana Files

Synopsis: The Gymkhana Files takes viewers deep behind the scenes of one of the world’s wildest, most successful video franchises of all time, with over half a billion views and counting. The series follows Block and his team of Hoonigans as they attempt to create the greatest automotive video of all time, GymkhanaTEN, while simultaneously dealing with the dramatic ups and downs of racing in the World Rallycross Championship.

November 30:

Inside Jokes

Synopsis: The six-episode series follows up-and-coming comedians in New York and Los Angeles as they pursue their dream of being selected for the prestigious Montreal Just for Laughs Festival New Faces showcase.


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