30 best kids' movies on Netflix Canada

It's movie night, and we know exactly what you'll be watching: One of these awesome kids' movies, all available on Netflix Canada. Now, who's making the popcorn?

3 dinosaurs standing on the edge of a cliff

photo: Netflix

1. The Land Before Time

This movie is sure to be familiar to you—it’s a childhood classic. Show your little ones The Land Before Time and rediscover the magic of friendship as you watch Littlefoot and his friends traverse dangerous and uncharted territory on their journey to the Great Valley.

Man and women looking around the corner

photo: Netflix

2. Moana

You’re going to need tissues for this amazing Disney film! When demigod Maui steals the heart of Te Fiti to try to give humans the power of creation, the island Moana lives on starts to die. In order for Moana to save the land and its people, she and Maui set off on an adventure across the ocean to bring the stone back to its rightful home.

child playing a guitar and singing with a skeleton

photo: Netflix

3. Coco

Coco tells the magical story of Miguel, whose only wish is to become a musician. When he suddenly finds himself in the land of the dead, Miguel has to race against time to get back to the land of the living. If he doesn’t, he’ll be stuck there forever.

Bee holding honey

photo: Netflix

4. The Bee Movie

Barry the bee is unsatisfied with his life. After graduation, he refuses to be stuck in the hive, so he decides to go out and explore the world. While out there, he’s shocked to discover that humans have been stealing honey from bees for years. Outraged, Barry and his new human friend try to put a stop to it.

Girl vampire talking to Dracula

photo: Netflix

5. Hotel Transylvania

When a human stumbles upon their vacation spot, the haven for monsters gets turned upside down. In order for Count Dracula to keep the peace in his hotel, he must try to make the human fit in. But when the human starts to fall in love with Dracula’s daughter, it causes a whole other problem. For more fun, check out Hotel Transylvania 2, also on Netflix.

Promo image from The Water Horse Legend of the Deep showing a boy in the mountains near a lake holding a magic egg

Photo: Netflix

6. The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep

A lonely boy discovers a mysterious egg while collecting seashells on the shores of Loch Ness. What hatches out of it is a sea creature that eventually becomes the great Scottish legend. Will he and his friends be able to keep their aquatic friend a secret?

animals ready for action in a kung fu position

photo: Netflix

7. Kung Fu Panda

When an evil snow leopard threatens Po’s homeland, it is up to him and his friends to protect everyone. The only issue is that Po is the clumsiest panda around. Can he work hard to learn the martial arts skills necessary to defeat the evildoer?

girl being scolded by her teacher

photo: Netflix

8. Matilda

Relive your favourite childhood movie with the classic tale of Matilda. Watch as she stirs up trouble with her powers, and somehow finds her way out of the trickiest situations!

Humans running from food animals

photo: Netflix

9. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Flint Lockwood once again finds himself in trouble with the food-making machine he created. The food has come alive in the form of wild food animals! Can Flint find a way to stop the machine and stop the animals from escaping?

Promo image for Incredibles 2 showing a family of superheroes in a forcefield bubble

Photo: Netflix

10. Incredibles 2

When Mrs. Incredible takes up her old mantle to fight crime and save the world as ElastiGirl, Bob (Mr. Incredible) must step aside and step up to take care of the kids and be a super-stay-at-home dad.

Little girl sitting with a big friendly giant

photo: Netflix

11. The BFG

Roald Dahl’s classic story comes to life in this movie that will have you falling in love all over again with sweet Sophie. Can she stay alive long enough to save the human race? Luckily, she has help from the BFG.

Little girl on bridge

photo: Netflix

12. Hoodwinked

This movie is a fun spin on the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood. When it’s discovered that someone stole granny’s recipe book, it’s up to Red to get to the bottom of things. Remember, everyone’s story is different and always BE PREPARED!

Twins standing with their parents

photo: Netflix

13. Parent Trap

Fall back in love with your favourite pair of twins in this cute movie. After meeting for the first time at camp, these long-lost sisters decide to switch places to get their family back together.

shrek standing with donkey and his princess, with evil lord beside them

photo: Netflix

14. Shrek

Shrek and Donkey have always been the perfect duo! In this unconventional fairy tale, Shrek finally finds the princess of his dreams, but can she ever learn to love an ogre?

trolls dancing

photo: Netflix

15. Trolls

Inspired by the troll dolls that were popular in the 1980s, this movie jumps into the lives of Poppy (the happiest troll alive) and Branch (the grumpiest). It’s up to them to save their townspeople from the evil Bergens before it’s too late.

boy riding on the back of his robot

photo: Netflix

16. Big Hero 6

After a devastating loss, robotics prodigy Hiro only has one friend, a huge robot. When one of Hiro’s creations mysteriously starts being used against him by a masked figure, it’s up to him and his newfound friends to save the day.

two fish standing beside a shark

Photo: Netflix

17. Shark Tale

Oscar is the kind of fish who always finds trouble. When he somehow gets involved in the death of mobster shark Frankie, Oscar is quick to take credit, gaining the name Shark Slayer. That is until mob boss Don Lino comes to town to avenge his brother. How will Oscar get out of this one?

A Wrinkle In Time. Photo: Netflix

18. A Wrinkle in Time

After the disappearance of her scientist father, three peculiar beings send Meg, her brother, and her friend to space in order to find him.

space creatures standing on a platform

photo: Netflix

19. Ratchet and Clank

The universe is always in need of saving, and thankfully we have Ratchet and Clank—an unlikely duo—here to save the planets. Watch as they kick some serious asteroid.

Girl standing between to adults

photo: Netflix

20. Annie

The sun will come out tomorrow! Your kids will love this modern retelling of Little Orphan Annie’s story that teaches them to always have hope for a brighter future.

Spay parents with their spy kids

photo: Netflix

21. Spy Kids

What kid doesn’t want to become a spy? Carmen and Juni are just normal kids living a normal life when their mom and dad suddenly go missing. Turns out they’re spies! With a ton of cool gadgets in hand, they follow in their parents’ footsteps and set off to save them–and possibly the world.

Old man talking to little girl

photo: Netflix

22. The Little Prince

Sick of her boring, over scheduled life, Little Girl befriends her elderly, eccentric neighbour, who tells her tales of a Little Prince who travelled the stars. The more she hears, the more she wants her life to change. Since there’s absolutely no room in her mom’s schedule for fun, Little Girl will have to find a way to change her mother’s mind.

Bunny standing with chocolate bunnies

photo: Netflix

23. Hop

E.B. isn’t your regular Easter Bunny–his dream isn’t to deliver candy to children but to become a rock legend. Let your kids rock out beside E.B. and watch as he uses his rock skills to save Easter Island from the evil chicks.

evil master mind planning something

photo: Netflix

24. Megamind

If your kid is obsessed with superheroes, Megamind is the perfect twist on the classic dynamic of good versus evil. Megamind is the most brilliant supervillain in the world, but when he finally defeats his arch-nemesis, he finds that life has lost all meaning. Can he find a way to fill the void?

A cartoon racoon and squirrel

photo: Netflix

25. Over the Hedge

When Verne and his forest friends wake up from hibernation, they find out that humans have taken over their forest—with pavement! They set out on the hunt for food, only to find out that humans don’t take well to seeing wild animals running around their lawns. How will Verne and his friends survive suburbia?

Cars racing

photo: Netflix

26. Cars 3

Guess who’s back for one last race? It’s none other than racing legend Lightning McQueen. Up against a shiny new car, will our racing hero have what it takes to be the victor?

Boy riding his dragon

photo: Netflix

27. How to Train Your Dragon

Hiccup lives in a world where the rules are pretty simple: either you end dragons or they will end you. But when he traps a dragon of his own and befriends it, he finds out that there’s more to dragons than meets the eye.

Man sitting beside a pharaoh and another man holding a monkey

photo: Netflix

28. Night at the Museum

Mummies, monkeys, dinosaurs, oh my! This was Larry Daley’s reaction when he found out the museum he works for magically comes to life at night. Although this is some people’s nightmare, it’s Larry’s dream. That is if he can find a way to keep them alive before it’s too late.

Smurfs standing beside a man

photo: Netflix

29. Smurfs

New York City gets a whole lot bluer in this film when the Smurfs come crashing in. Watch these blue-tiful creatures try to navigate New York in their effort to get home. However, when an evil wizard wants to capture the Smurfs’ essence, things get dicey.

Two gnomes falling in love

photo: Netflix

30. Gnomeo and Juliet

This backyard twist on the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet is fun for the whole family. The gnomes inhabiting these neighbouring gardens don’t get along, and when Gnomeo, a red, and Juliet, a blue, fall in love, it starts an all-out battle. Will their love be strong enough to make it to the other side of the fence?

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