You’ve got to see this epic superhero photo shoot of disabled kids

The photographer dad who went viral with his daughter’s Wonder Woman shoot just took it to the next level with a new superhero series.

We are so in love with the latest larger-than-life project by comic book fan and photographer Josh Rossi. He’s the Utah- and Puerto Rico-based dad who made headlines last year when he posed his then three-year-old daughter, Nellee, in a $1,500-costume for a spectacular Wonder Woman photo shoot.

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After those photos went viral, Rossi heard from many parents of kids with serious medical conditions and disabilities asking if he’d give their sons and daughters the same opportunity.

“They’re true superheroes, so I decided to do a series of photos turning their weaknesses into strengths,” he told People.

Rossi asked six kids—some of whom were undergoing chemotherapy at the time—who’ve already shown extraordinary strength and bravery to pose as Justice League superheroes, and the results are amazing. He photographed them in power poses (wielding fiery swords or standing atop an active volcano) as Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Cyborg and Flash.

“What I especially love about it is that we picked specific kids for each role,” he told People. “For example, if Superman gets near kryptonite, his heart gets weaker. Tegan Pettit, the boy we picked to play Superman, is waiting for a heart transplant and has half a heart. He was the perfect choice.”

Check out the touching behind-the-scenes video footage below.

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