You have to see the photos of a 92-year-old meeting the baby that saved her life

You'll feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you see this great-great-grandmother meeting the newest member of her family.

You have to see the photos of a 92-year-old meeting the baby that saved her life

Photo: Courtesy of Kayla Tracy Photography

There's not much in this world that's more exciting than finding out that a loved one is expecting a new baby. In some cases, the announcement of this new life being brought into the world is enough to breathe new life into the people around them.

This is what happened when Jean Roper learned that she was going to have a new great-great-granddaughter. Roper, a 92-year-old Alabama resident, was in poor health, dealing with weak kidney function and low oxygen levels. Her doctors told her family late last year that she only had a few weeks left to live. However, when she heard that her great-granddaughter was pregnant, she vowed to stay alive to meet the new baby. At that point, her health did a complete 180.

"Her energy shot up. She was completely different," Roper's great-granddaughter and sister to the mom-to-be, Kayla Tracy, told TODAY. "She was so excited to see the baby."

This excitement could be attributed to the fact that most of the babies in their family have been boys, so Roper was especially happy to have a baby girl come into the fold. On top of that, Tracy's sister planned to make the new baby Roper's namesake by naming her Magnolia Jean.

Magnolia Jean was born at the end of January and Roper finally got a chance to meet her a few days later. Tracy was there during her great-grandmother's first meeting with her brand new niece and photographed all the precious moments they shared together. Check out the touching pictures in Tracy's Facebook post below.

Does anyone have a tissue? Because our hearts just melted all over the place.

When we said that this baby gave Roper new life, we weren't kidding. Tracy said that when the baby arrived at the house, "[Roper] shot right up out of her rocking chair—and she hadn't been walking at all!" Since then, Roper's health has continued improving. Her nurses even took her off of the oxygen tanks she was using because she doesn't need them anymore. "They all think it's such a miracle, because she was going very soon, and then all of a sudden ..." Tracy said.


The images are so sweet—you can totally feel that intergenerational bond. That one image of Roper holding the baby tight with her eyes closed just gets us every time.

These aren't tears in our eyes—it's just raining underneath our eyebrows.

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