This heartwarming video of a 10-year-old asking his stepdad to ‘make it official’ gives us all the feels

In a touching video released earlier this week, a young boy uses his birthday as an opportunity to give his stepdad the greatest gift of all.

This heartwarming video of a 10-year-old asking his stepdad to ‘make it official’ gives us all the feels

Photo: Courtesy of @jah_know_star via Instagram

What do you get when a 10-year-old asks his stepdad to adopt him? A whole lot of tears and many, many feels.

In a video viewed over 3 million times since it was posted to Facebook on Sunday, young Kalani Watson uses his birthday party as an opportunity to “propose” to his stepdad, Brandon Williamson.

“Dad, I know today is supposed to be all about me, but today is really about us,” begins Kalani, reading from his prepared speech. “Brandon is what I met you as seven years ago. I’m so glad now that has changed to Dad.”

Williamson has been a huge part of Kalani’s life since he started dating his mother, Porsche, in 2010. In his speech, Kalani mentions all the ways his stepdad has been there for him, from attending all his parent conferences to taking care of him when he’s sick. “I ask my mom ‘what’s the difference between a stepdad and a real dad?,’ because I don’t get it sometimes,” he says. “You have been there for everything.”

Then the birthday boy asks him three questions:

“Do you love me? Do you love mom? Can you live without us?”


By the time Kalani gets to the last question, Brandon can barely speak, and we are all about to lose it.

“So, let’s stop playing and make it official. Brandon Craig Williamson, will you do me the biggest favour in the world? Will you adopt me?”

Tears forever.

Kalani and stepdad Brandon posing together Photo: Courtesy of @jah_know_star via Instagram

Williamson, like the rest of us, completely breaks down into sobs, embracing his son and looking through the adoption papers that have been presented to him as a wrapped gift.


In a conversation with HuffPost, Porsche revealed that the proposal had been in the works for the past two months. While the original plan had been to deliver the speech on Father’s Day, Kalani was just too excited to wait any longer.

“He has so much love for Brandon,” said Porsche about her son. “He kept going over it the day before.”

Over the last seven years, Brandon has been working to teach his son what he believes to be important values: Hard work, responsibility, love and compassion. The two often go out together and hand out meals in aide of The Give Back Movement, their local organization that helps those less fortunate.

“Most parents automatically get their child’s love. I had to grind for this. I had to show him I’m not going anywhere. So, since I have to work hard for his love, I don’t take it for granted,” said Williamson to HuffPost about the proposal. “It was an honour, and one of the greatest moments of my life.”

We are so happy for this family and adore this example of what’s really important in a parent-child relationship—love.


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