You have to hear this toddler hilariously deny that he pooped

This toddler's comical potty training performance has Dad trying his best not to laugh while Mom gets the whole thing on video.

You have to hear this toddler hilariously deny that he pooped

Photo: @realdanidevito via Instagram

Isn't it adorable when kids add an accent to their tiny toddler voices? Now close your eyes and imagine the time you would least expect your toddler to break out into one—did you picture them on the toilet during a potty training session? Probably not, but that's the exact moment Greg Devito's son Matthew decided to try out a hilarious gravelly, slightly-Southern accent on his parents. You've got to hear it.

In fact, the voice is so funny that Greg tries his best to hold back giggles while asking him again if he's pooped in the toilet to the point where he's close to tears (and what Matthew does after that is beyond adorable!). Check it out:

Wasn't that cute? And our hearts totally melted when Matthew had to stop to make sure his dad was ok. "Is sad daddy?" We're not crying, you are.

Of course, his dad doesn't want his son to think something is wrong. "No!" says dad, laughing more at the question. "It's so hard to not laugh, I'm crying. It's really funny, you're a funny guy."

Now that they're somewhat off-track from the original inquiry, mom chimes in from behind the camera, reminding dad what they're trying to figure out. "Did you poop?" she asks. But Matthew is too distracted by dad's tears to remember to stay in character, and it almost sounds like these parents succeed in getting an honest answer out of him. We think we hear a quick and muffled "yeah"  before he promptly returns to checking on dad to make sure he's not too sad.

A check in the box for empathy!


Of course we all know the reality of potty training is strenuous and full of tearful protests and poop that doesn't quite make it into the toilet. But sometimes, there are moments of laughter like this that make it all worth it—kinda like parenting as a whole, right?

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