We've finally got a new Frozen 2 trailer and OH. MY. OLAF.

The new trailer for Disney's Frozen 2 is finally here—and we have even more questions than before! Like who is making those purple flames?

Ever since the teaser trailer for Frozen 2 came out back in February, we’ve been all over the place wondering and wondering what’s gonna happen next for one of our favourite Disney duos Princess Anna and Queen Elsa. We just couldn’t let it go! (sorry, but we had to do it.)

Well if you’re like us, then you’re in luck because a new trailer is finally here! Check it out!

Are you excited because we sure are! We had so many questions after the first teaser trailer, and this one just sparked about a billion more—like what was that glittering horse? What was it doing underwater? And who or what is making those purple flames? Is there another being out there with elemental powers of (purple) fire? How will Elsa defeat that stone giant?

Also, the troll elder tells Elsa to go North—is the Frozen gang coming to Canada?! There seems to be a lot of red maple leaf imagery so it’s quite the possibility. #WetheNorth

One thing this trailer didn’t give us is any confirmation to the rumour that Queen Elsa might be queer. Last year, the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend went viral on Twitter, so we were hoping to see at least some sort of allusion to an answer. Could the brunette woman from the previous trailer be Elsa’s love interest? It IS Pride Month after all! (Although to be fair, Frozen has always been about sisterly love, but Anna has Kristoff so there must be room all kinds of love in this film, right?)

Either way we cannot wait for this movie to come out in November, so we’ll just be over here singing “Let It Go” over and over and over again (much like your kids have been since 2013).

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