Elsa is real and she’s saving people from blizzards in Boston!

The snowstorm in Boston is raging on, but when a police truck got stuck in a pile of snow, this queen couldn't just let it go.

Kids love Queen Elsa from Disney’s Frozen, and what’s not to love? She’s fierce, independent, has magical ice powers and is strong enough to single-handedly push a police truck out of a snowbank.

Yeah, you read that right. The feat of strength was captured in a video that was recently posted to Facebook (sadly, it isn’t a deleted scene from the movie). The clip, which has already gotten over three million views, shows Boston attorney Jason Triplett fully decked out in Elsa’s flowing blue gown, cape and braided hair helping to get a stuck police truck out of the snow in the middle of a storm. It is EVERYTHING. Take a look.

Elsa and Anna holding lanterns while looking down at Olaf in Olaf's Frozen Adventure Will Elsa be getting a girlfriend in Frozen 2?According to a report from Global News, Triplett had shown up to dinner with friends dressed up as the beloved ice queen to get a laugh and prove that the cold from the huge snowstorm never bothered him anyway. When Triplett noticed that a truck had become immobile, he leapt into action. Turns out he wasn’t lying about being unbothered by the cold.

As he pushed, his cape blew so elegantly in the wind that we can just imagine him singing the lyrics to Elsa’s Let It Go in his head (“It’s time to see what I can do/To test the limits and break through”). We love his commitment to helping that truck, and the fact that he gave a little curtsy once the job was done. Just like Elsa, Triplett was able to stay poised while showing that snowstorm who’s boss. Slay queen, slay.

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