Watch how these people came together to help a woman in labour during Hurricane Harvey

When this woman went into labour during Hurricane Harvey's devastating flooding, her neighbours came together to help in a big way.

There are a lot of scary events and devastating news stories these days, but it’s nice to know that there are still many good people who help lift each other up. Such is the case in Houston during Hurricane Harvey when a pregnant woman and her husband needed help leaving their flooded home when she went into labour.

Greg and Andrea Smith were unable to reach help on the busy emergency lines and fled to the still-safe second floor of their complex. A neighbour sent an email to people in the building asking if anyone was an OB/GYN or a nurse. Someone reached out to a family friend who lived near a fire station and was able to walk over and get help.

When the firefighters arrived in a dump truck, the neighbours formed a human chain in the waist-deep floodwaters, helping Andrea and her husband to the truck so they could be driven to the hospital.

Watch the touching video here.

The couple’s daughter, Adrielle, was born Monday morning in hospital.

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