Twitter had the best response to Piers Morgan's issue with dads using baby carriers

Apparently, men using baby carriers is "emasculating." What the?

By Kevin John Siazon

Twitter had the best response to Piers Morgan's issue with dads using baby carriers

Photo: @piersmorgan via Twitter

Everyone knows that taking care of babies has historically been considered a female's job—our society was (and still kinda is) pretty sexist. But in the last couple of decades, more and more dads have been full-on stepping up to parent their children. We can all agree that the dad who contributes to their family in ways beyond "bringing home the bacon" is the epitome of true manliness, right?

One person who wouldn't agree is former CNN host and current Twitter troll Piers Morgan. He took to the social media platform earlier this week to call out former James Bond actor Daniel Craig for using a baby carrier to carry around his child. Yup, apparently using a baby carrier is somehow "emasculating." Ugh. Take a look.

Luckily, Twitter was super ready to clap back at him for it by flooding his replies with cute pictures of dads carrying their children—because dads taking time to bond with their children is a good thing! Here are some of our favourites:

And the best one:

Look at all those cute dads and their adorable babies!

Morgan went on to tweet about how dads should just carry their babies in their arms instead of using a carrier. What the? Has he never tried the wonder that is a baby carrier? You get to hold and be close to your baby, while also having your hands free to do other things.

There are so many reasons why Morgan is completely wrong, but rather than go into them at length, we'll let Avengers actor Chris Evans (a.k.a. Captain America) sum  it up, as he did very nicely with this tweet (and he's not even a dad himself yet!):

Bravo Chris! And to all the dads out there who are trying their best to parent their kids, keep up the good work! Who cares what one whiny dude on Twitter thinks, right?

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