You have to watch this dad talk about feelings with his upset daughter

This dad has more patience in his pinky than all of ours combined. Watch him calmly talk his daughter through her anger—you might even learn a thing or two.

“You don’t have to be happy. You don’t always have to be silly or funny. You don’t have to be anything, okay?”

This is what dad-of-two Randy Gaines told his daughter after she got upset at something he said to her just as they were heading out for a walk. His wife, Deceena, captured her husband’s talk with their daughter and posted the video to Facebook with the caption, “I think I just watched and listened to one of the most powerful conversations in my life…”

And wow, is it really powerful to see this dad sincerely acknowledging his daughter’s feelings and helping her process tough emotions in a calm and gentle manner. Parenting win, for sure.

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Throughout the talk (where he kneels down to her level and looks straight into her eyes), he stresses the fact that even when she’s feeling mad, she is always loved and safe. The amount of patience demonstrated in this conversation is truly awe-inspiring.

We especially love the part where he talks about setting and respecting boundaries when it comes to playful teasing—which is what started the whole thing. “I respect you, and I respect your feelings,” he says after she tells her dad she doesn’t like him calling her Miss Button. “If it’s not okay to joke with you today, I won’t do it. Just let me know so I don’t do it, okay?”

So thank you, Randy. You are a dad to us all, and your girls are lucky to have to you.

Watch the empowering talk in its entirety below:

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