This new dad is so exhausted he thinks he's rocking his baby—but he's not!

This dad was just trying to give his wife a break—except he wasn't actually rocking the baby to sleep.

You feel pretty delirious when you're up in the middle of the night with your newborn. So delirious that you might even mistake your baby for a rolled up robe? That's what happened to this new dad!

In a video posted to People Magazine’s Instagram, this yawning dad is half asleep in a hospital chair, rocking what he thinks is his baby—it's actually just a robe. Mom is in the hospital bed filming the whole thing and she keeps panning from the exhausted papa to her newborn who is safely in her arms.

It’s not clear how the rookie dad mistook the robe for the baby. Perhaps the baby was with him to begin with, and mom took the swaddled babe as he was nodding off? Or maybe he was just so tired he really thought the robe was his brand new baby? Either way he has totally nailed that rocking motion that soothes fussy infants.

The video is captioned "That new dad life is no joke," and it really isn't. Actually, all of parenting is no joke!

The comments are filled with fellow parents, laughing in solidarity with the new dad. “Oh all parents have been right where he is now."

Hopefully he got some rest and is now enjoying some quality rocking time with his little one!


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