This video of a mom’s first time getting tipsy after pregnancy is the funniest thing you’ll see all day

Looks like those super-human mom skills are totally kicking in.

We all know that moms are basically superheroes, so it’s no surprise that this new mom totally nails it when she casually tosses a pizza into the oven FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE KITCHEN. On top of that, she did it tipsy! Incredible.

Emily Stafford is a new mom from Michigan who finally got a chance to have a few drinks with her sisters after a nine-month pregnancy-induced dry spell. It was her first time drinking in a while, so obviously there came a point where they decided to cook up a frozen pizza (because what else are you gonna eat while you drink at home?).

Mother dressed up holding a baby and a glass of champagne Why mommy drinks: The scary truth about #WineMomIn a video that her sister Josie Grady posted to Twitter, we see Stafford pick up the pizza from the box and proceed to toss it Frisbee-style it into the oven with deadly aim. We’re not joking: The pizza literally flies across the kitchen and lands on the top rack of the oven, fully intact. If that’s not a display of supermama magic, we don’t know what is. Plus, we’re thinking that skill will totally come in handy when her baby is a bit older (we all know how much kids love pizza, amiright?).

When the women realize what just happened, they burst into that kind of drunken laughter that’s so intense you can’t even make a noise. In fact, Stafford is so overcome by it that she legitimately rolls on the floor laughing. Take a look for yourself:

Now we all know how funny things can seem when you’ve had a bit of somethin’-somethin’ to drink, but this feat is truly and hilariously awesome (although we’re not saying that new moms should get drunk to unlock their super powers—that’s not really how it works).

The video has been viewed almost two million times so far, and we’re not surprised because it’s such a joy to see a new mom letting loose and having some fun with her sisters. Being pregnant is super hard and dealing with a newborn baby afterwards is even harder, so watching these ladies keel over with laughter after a jaw-dropping pizza toss gives off all the good vibes.

So brava, mama! You keep tossing those pizzas in like a total boss. Now the question is, can you do the same with a tray of frozen dino nuggets?

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