This labour-inducing pizza is helping pregnant women kickstart childbirth

Past your due date and ready to meet your baby? Maybe it's time to give this pizza a try.

What can’t pizza do? Besides being delicious, and saving the day when a home-cooked dinner just isn’t happening, the cheesy dish can also—apparently—help pregnant woman go into labour. Crazy, right?

Hawthorne’s Pizza in North Carolina is going viral for their buffalo wing pizza, which has been unofficially dubbed “The Inducer.” The pizza has become such a big hit online that the restaurant has gotten delivery requests from expectant mothers across the US, from Seattle to Maine to Texas.

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So how does eating a pizza make a woman go into labour?

The restaurant credits the pizza’s spicy buffalo sauce as the all-powerful, baby-evicting ingredient, but they’re keeping the actual recipe under lock and key. Many old wives’ tales say that eating spicy foods can help kickstart labour, but there’s really no scientific backing to this. However, according to a tally started by the restaurant in March of this year, 64 women have gone into labour after eating the spicy pie. If you take a quick scan through the restaurant’s Instagram page, you’ll find it’s sprinkled with images of newborns who have supposedly come into this world with the help of The Inducer. Even some OB-GYNs have joined in on the fun, “prescribing” the pizza to their patients.

Prescription for the inducer pizza from an OB/GYN in North Carolina

Photo: @hawthornespizza via Instagram

The restaurant offers a $100 Hawthorne’s gift card and a special onesie to new moms who share a photo and can prove their baby was born within 72 hours of eating the pizza.

So what do you think? If you were overdue, or just totally over being pregnant, would you give this a try?

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