This mom totally won Elf on the Shelf while also escaping her nightly duties

Elf on the Shelf can be a total chore, but this mom found a way to get out of it while keeping the magic alive for her kids. Here's how she did it.

Ah, Elf on the Shelf. It can be a magical tradition for some families. But for others, moving Elfie every night can be more of a chore.

   Why the elf on the shelf is not welcome in my home    
   Why the Elf on the Shelf will never be welcome in my home
Luckily, mom-of-three Christy Heins found a super creative way to keep the Elf on the Shelf magic alive while also getting out of her daily moving duty—no more posing the elf in silly situations every night for this mom! Her magical plan? A retirement letter from Santa that turns her family’s scout elf, George Elf, into a real toy that the kids can love and play with during the lead-up to Christmas.

If you’re not aware of the Elf on the Shelf canon, it goes like this: Scout elves fly back and forth from the North Pole every night to report back to Santa. However, kids aren’t allowed to touch them, lest they lose that magic flying ability.

Well, according to Santa’s letter, George Elf’s one Christmas wish was to give up his elf powers to be able to be played with like a real toy and become a true part of the Heins family. Genuis, huh? Elf on the Shelf can sometimes feel a little creepy, but we think this storyline of an elf sacrificing his magic for the love of his host family is heartwrenchingly beautiful. You can read Santa’s full letter in Heins’s Facebook post below:

We absolutely love this idea, and luckily so did her kids. Heins eventually published this follow up post on her Facebook with pictures of her kids holding George Elf up in the air and tucking him into bed. “I just can’t believe I’m actually touching George Elf!” Heins quoted one of her daughters saying after the big reveal. Awww!

What’s also great is that Heins included a text version of the letter in the comments for any other parents out there looking to retire their own Elf on the Shelf.

So thank you Christy Heins—you’ve given parents hope in the Elf on the Shelf world while keeping the magic going for your kids. George Elf may be the one retiring, but you’ve definitely earned it.

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