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17 crazy Elf on the Shelf ideas

We kind of feel like the Grinch saying this, but these elf ideas are a little too far outside the box (or should we say shelf) for us.

17 crazy Elf on the Shelf ideas

Reading on the job

Jingle bells! Elfie’s poop smells!

Elf on the shelf pooping a chocolate kiss into a glass while reading a tiny newspaperPhoto: Courtesy of via Pinterest

Pumping elf

This mama elf is pumping up the volume on hilarious. (Yes, those are tampons!) We have only one question: if elf milk is tradionally green, what colour is elf breastmilk?

Elf on the shelf using a breast pumpPhoto: Courtesy of Breastfeeding Mama Talk via Facebook


Secret admirer

We think Elfie may have thought your mom was single when he heard that she was kissing Santa Claus.

Elf on the shelf lying next to cheerios spelling the word Photo: Courtesy of via Pinterest

May the elf be with you

The little jedis may get a good giggle out of this, but we’d rather fly away to a galaxy far far away than spend crazy amounts of time and money pulling this stunt off.

Darth Vader using the force on elf on the shelfPhoto: Courtesy of Nicole Casey via Pinterest

Breaking Elf

We don’t think that’s crushed-up candy in the bag, Walter Elf.

Elf on the shelf dressed as Walter WhitePhoto: Courtesy of via Pinterest


Messy tea party

Why would I make a mess that I now have to clean up? I’ve already got one messy kid, thanks. I don’t need a messy elf. 

Elf on the shelf making a mess with tea and sugarPhoto: Courtesy of @hunty32 via Instagram

The Elfing Dead

Somebody’s craving peppermint-flavoured BRAIIIIINSSSS! We guess this is what happens after the dog eats Eflie. This Walking Dead-inspired elf seems a bit scary to us.

Elf on the shelf as a zombiePhoto: Courtesy of via Instagram

Revenge of the dolls

Do you know what happens when Chucky and Elfie want marshmallows in their hot chocolate? Well, it ain’t pretty.

Elf on the shelf with Chucky doll grating a snowman with marshmallowsPhoto: Courtesy of via Pinterest


Elfie Cyrus

Elfie came in like a Christmas ball! We’re just glad he kept his clothes on.

Elf on the shelf riding a Christmas ball like a wrecking ballPhoto: Courtesy of via Pinterest

CSI Elfie

But who would do such a thing to poor Elfie! Top of the suspect list: tired parents everywhere. 

Elf on the shelf with fake blood in a CSI settingPhoto: Courtesy of via Pinterest

Baby makes three

Mr. and Mrs. Elf returned to their humans this Christmas with a surprise: a little red bundle of joy. But does the baby need to be moved into a new position every night, as well? Won’t that throw sleep training off-track?

Boy and girl elf on the shelf with babyPhoto: Courtesy of @sarahburtonphotography via Instagram


Olaf tree

The little ones may love Olaf, but we’re saying a big No-Laf to this Christmas tree snowman. Way too much effort and what a waste of perfectly good toilet paper.

Christmas tree covered in toilet paper and decorated with look like a snowman with elf on the shelfPhoto: Courtesy of AmyandTodd Collins via Pinterest

Break the internet

Move over Kim Kardashian, there’s a new internet sensation!

Elf on the shelf in the Kim Kardashian break the internet posePhoto: Courtesy of @frostaaaahy_elf via Instagram

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reinbeer

Here come Santa’s reinBEER. Now, Drunky! Now, Drunker! Now, Passed Out, and Vomit! To the top of the bar! To the top of the wall! Now drink away! Drink away! Drink away all! But in all seriousness, this seems like a questionable message to send to kids.

elf on the shelf with beer bottle reindeersPhoto: Courtesy of via Pinterest


Thomas the Evil Engine

All aboard the pain train! Chugga chugga choo-choo! Next stop: crushed Elfie.

Thomas the tank engine with Elf on the shelf on the train track near a Christmas treePhoto: Courtesy of via Pinterest

Bye bye Frosty

We know some friends are worth melting for, but this is a little cruel. Poor Frosty!

Elf on the shelf near a puddle of milk decorate to look like melting frostyPhoto: Courtesy of @pinkpeony_4 via Instagram

Peppermint poo

So we just finished potty training the kids and now we’ve gotta take a stab at teaching this cheeky elf how to use the porcelain throne? No thanks!

Elf on the shelf pooping a peppermint candy in the toiletPhoto: Courtesy of via Pinterest

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This article was originally published on Dec 04, 2018

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