Elf on the Shelf has a sassy new rival—and you're going to LOVE him

We're so down for these reindeer games!

Elf on the Shelf has a sassy new rival—and you're going to LOVE him


If you're like parents everywhere, then you know Santa's little spy....ummm I mean, Elf on the Shelf, is less of a magical Christmas tradition and more of an annoying chore for mom and dad. Not to mention he's kind of creepy—he spies on kids and then tattletales to Santa. Plus, kids can never touch him or they'll ruin his magic. And you'll break your kid's heart and scar them for life if you accidentally forget to move their special friend into a Pinterest-worthy masterpiece EVERY morning in December leading up to the big day. Sorry—can you tell I have some serious feeling about this elf?

Thankfully there's a cuddly and adorable new alternative to Elfie—cue the chorus of angels singing. Reindeer in Here—who like his name's suggests—is clearly here to save the day. Reindeer was created by children's book author and dad, Adam Reed, with the direct intention of dethroning Eflie (#sorrynotsorry). Ads for the Reindeer come in the form of a sassy and hilarious smear campaign against Elfie that we, who are still recovering from last Christmas, absolutely LOVE.

The website pokes fun at Elf on the Shelf by portraying him as a convicted criminal with a blurred out face, and directly comparing him to the loveable and way less creepy Reindeer. And Reed's hilarious #ShelfTheElf campaign also encourages parents to shelf their elf and post creative pics of how they put him to rest forever, on social media. RIP Eflie. Head to for more info and inspo.

But hilarious elf jokes put aside, here's why we can get behind this lovable new alternative to the once beloved Elf. Reindeer isn't here to narc, he just wants to be your kid's Christmas BFF. He won't report back on naughty behaviour, he's just here to help Santa get to know more about your little one by hanging out with your kid every day and writing letters to the Big Guy in Red each night about what your kid likes and dislikes and where you'd like Santa to leave your gifts (we prefer them next to the tree not under it—thanks Kris). That's right, unlike Elfie who's too magical to bond with your kid, the whole purpose of Reindeer is for your kid to play with him, taking all the hard work away from parents. You don't have to move the Reindeer every damn night—or find excuses when you forgot to move him.

Please, sign us up for these reindeer games!

Reindeer will be available to purchase online and in stores on Black Friday.

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