This mom is turning baby bumps into works of art and the results are incredible

She's creating pregnancy photo #goals.

In the age of social media, it seems that everyone is trying to find a new way to up their pregnancy-photo game. That’s why one mom and artist in Spain is helping expecting moms achieve the ultimate Insta-worthy shot, one painted baby bump at a time.

Mom-of-two Fatima Carrion Alfonso from Sant Felio de Guixols, Spain, has made a business and started a new trend in her native country by turning pregnant women’s bellies into intricate paintings. The 33-year-old has painted over 200 baby bumps since starting her business, Premama Body Paint.

A body painter for over 14 years, Carrion Alfonso  started to become curious about what it would be like to paint a baby bump. At first, people weren’t open to the idea. But when a friend came to her offering her bump as a canvas, she took the opportunity to create some magic on it and the business kicked off soon after that! Since then, she has painted mothers’ bellies with intricate mandalas, glow-in-the-dark unicorns, flowers, wildlife and more.

“Every mother is different and has her own taste, hobbies and stories to tell,” she told The Daily Mail. “Sometimes they come up with a particular design in mind and others ask me for ideas.”

Carrion Alfonso’s belly paintings aren’t just about aesthetics, though. The sensations of the brush strokes can be therapeutic for the mom and can be a different way for her to connect with her baby. The painting sessions often also stimulate the baby too, who will kick her approval.

While she recommends that moms come during their sixth to eighth month of pregnancy, many women come during their second or third month so they can announce their pregnancy in a memorable fashion. All paints she uses are non-toxic, water-based and cause no harm to baby. (Clients can also opt for cruelty-free, vegan paints, too.)

We don’t know about you, but we’ll definitely are excited to see what this artist paints next! Would you get one of these done?

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