This girl makes some stunning cakes, and she's only 12!

We definitely couldn't do that when we were her age. Kids these days are amazing.

This girl makes some stunning cakes, and she's only 12!

Photo: @traciann05 via Instagram

Attention all cake lovers, bakers, aspiring bakers and even those who just love to look at pretty desserts on social media. Cake-making is a huge deal these days, amirite? Ever since the rise of Pinterest and all the cake decorating shows on TV (Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes and Cake Wars to name a few), those beautifully-decorated multi-tiered creations have been all over the internet, and just looking at them is enough to make your mouth water.

So, you will never believe that the artist behind these elaborate cakes is a kid.

Yup, you read that right. Addie Branham is a 12-year-old baking prodigy from Utah who creates some spectacular cakes AND owns her own cake business, Miss Addie's Cakes. According to Deseret News, Addie got into baking back in 2013 (she was seven!), after her military father got deployed to Afghanistan. Her mom Traci told Deseret News that the military provides scholarships to kids with parents who serve and Addie decided to use her funds to pay for cake decorating classes. Now we're not sure if those scholarships are specifically for extracurriculars, but Addie's decision totally paid off because her cakes look totally amazing. Just take a look at the icing roses on this one:

In an interview with Babble, Addie said that baking has served another purpose beyond just being a fun hobby for her. Shortly after her dad got deployed, her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she said she used baking as a coping mechanism to distract her from those tough situations. "When my dad was gone and my mom was sick, I worried a lot and would sometimes get stomach aches,"Addie said. "But when I was baking and decorating cakes it helped to keep my mind off everything that was going on around me."

Luckily, her dad is now back home and her mom has been cancer-free for four years. They both help Addie with the cake business as "unpaid interns" (love that!). Her dad, who is an engineer, helps out when it comes to stacking and building difficult cakes and her mom helps with taking orders and baking the base cakes while Addie is at school, so they're ready for her to decorate in the evenings.

In fact, the whole family is on this sweet little side hustle—we hear Addie's little brother is apparently quite the taste tester.


How awesome is it that she's pursuing her passions at such a young age? You go, Addie! Maybe you can make us a cake sometime. Do you ship to Canada?

This article was originally published on Jun 01, 2018

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