This baby is the BFF every mom wishes she had

This little girl brushing her mom's hair while chatting her up is the best thing you will see today. BFF goals.

By Amy Valm

If you're in the market for a spicy new hairdresser who knows her way around a hair brush and sassy conversation, look no further than this cute little one-year-old.

Kerry Robinson, 25-year-old mom to Jayde, offered her daughter a hair brushing gig in an attempt to get her to stay still. Their conversation blossomed from Jayde just repeating whatever her mom was saying to a full-blown sympathetic hairdresser talk.

“Girl, ain’t he crazy?” asked Robinson.

“He crazy,” replies Jayde as she runs the brush through her mother's hair like she'd been doing it for years.

Jayde is such a pro at brushing and chatting, she's really giving Dolly Parton's character in Steel Magnolias a run for her money with her perfectly cued shop talk.

Two best friends.

This baby is the BFF every mom wishes she had

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