This 6-year-old has found a magical way to help sick kids

Lennon Aucoin doesn't need a spell book or a lightning-bolt scar to bring magic to the sick kids in his New Brunswick community.

This 6-year-old has found a magical way to help sick kids

Photo: Global News

Lennon Aucoin, of Shediac, NB, has been as busy as one of Santa’s elves, crafting and sanding down wooden magic wands to fundraise for the sick children in his community.

Inspired by a carved star in his dad’s workshop, Lennon decided to handcraft and sell 100 magic wands for $5 each to raise money for a local charity called the Lion’s Sick Children’s Fund.

“You can use [the] as decoration. You can do this and wave it like you are a fairy or something,” he explained to Global News. “I want to sell them and have money for the sick kids.”

Lennon’s grandfather Gary Aucoin has spent many years raising money for the Lion’s Sick Children’s Fund, which provides financial assistance to families with sick kids all around New Brunswick. He told Global News that the charity lost some of its funding recently, meaning it won’t be able to reach as many families this year.

But not if Lennon has anything to do with it.

The boy’s dedication to hand-making each and every wand—leaving only the actual sawing of the wood to his dad—brought his grandfather to tears.

“I just think that at his age, for him to want to help me, is special,” Gary Aucoin said.

A young boy presses a heart stamp onto a hand-carved, star-shaped magic wand. Photo: Global News


Each wand has a hand-painted yellow wooden star attached to it, and a red heart stamped to one side.

“If their mom and dad do not have enough money to buy medicine, then we can give them some money and buy medicine,” Lennon said. “They can wish if they would not be sick anymore.”

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